5. Vanity

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Within your world people adjust their behaviour, either in their working life or in their private sphere. They adjust their behaviour to the expectations of their surroundings, to the culture and climate that has been set, and it may be difficult to break through this wall, this mindset that is filled with expectations, that may be outside their own behavioural patterns, their own needs and their own standard of living.

But even so, people adjust, because there are other factors coming into the picture, like anxiety about keeping their jobs, satisfying their superiors or peers and aligning with the environment in general.

Even in private spheres, in private homes, people behave towards friends and family according to a picture, a setting that they think they are supposed or obliged to behave according to. My friend, when you are not behaving according to your own standards, to your inner selfnature, but according to others’ expectations that lower your own moral values, when you behave in such a manner, you are untruthful to yourself. Then you are driven by vanity or pride within yourself, and vanity and pride are next to selfishness.

Vanity is the cause of much despair in your world, and you have it everywhere in your daily life. People desire to keep their mask, want to camouflage their own being. Love, friendliness and kindness are distorted by vanity, pride and selfishness. Yes, we know that there is a code in work and that you have to adhere to a certain framework, but that does not mean that you should be untruthful to yourself. Stand up and say what you have in mind that is right for you, right for everyone, if not, you are lying and are untruthful to yourself, but of course you have to be mindful, you have to take into consideration the wellbeing of others. However, you can put your foot down and keep your integrity when you disagree and disapprove of the behaviour of others and yourself.

In vanity people partake in many wrong doings in life. When you sit among people and you keep within yourself sayings that would be beneficial for others and unbeneficial for yourself, but that would bring the right picture into place, you have a choice to turn and be your own beneficiary.

If you revealed the truth and you came to a position where your vanity and your pride would break, would you lose your standing somewhat? I do not think so. People would ask themselves, “What has happened to this person? He is truthful, he cares, he is unselfish, and he does not care for his own benefit.” When you show love and put aside vanity and pride, people will look up to you, because when you humble yourself, when you leave selfishness, then people will respect you and you will be an example for others to follow. My friend, you can break through and leave vanity. You can be yourself, you can lift yourself above passions like vanity, pride and selfishness, and people around you will look at you and find peace, because they themselves are not threatened and can then adjust to a new friendly environment that you have created for them. You see, you can be a light for others to follow; you can set an example, either at work, in private affairs or in public.

People in higher positions have to be careful with their decisions in life because they have a powerful influence over other people. They have the opportunity to grace themselves by setting an example for bringing in good character in their own and others’ lives. They can set the terms, they can set the standard of behaviour, and they can write the words love, unselfishness, friendliness, kindness, integrity, honesty and truthfulness on the wall every day. They can set an example in the workplace and in public of how to behave, what we all should regard as the standard of living, the character that you should all strive for.

And so it is with every one of you. You must be careful with vanity and pride, because you are yourself in a position to influence and control other human beings, either your friends or your family members.

Vanity is something you must master and control. Before you judge someone, leave behind untruthfulness, be kind and friendly, be fair, and in fairness and justice you are kind, because you have to see the complete picture of the whole being before you can give a verdict. Put yourself in those shoes and look at the person and see what kind of situation that person has been brought up to be. You have to look at the total picture. In vanity you close your eyes. That is why vanity is something you should fear within yourself. Raise yourself above vanity, raise yourself above pride, raise yourself by becoming unselfish, because these are the passions of the earth that you are here to conquer, that you must master and control, so you yourself can find the beauty within, so you can build up the treasure and peace within yourself.

The peace that you receive from vanity is not the true peace and the peace that we give you, and that we with our knowledge can give you. We can give you an inner peace that gives you love in heart, where you can meet the day with a smile, where your inner being has the blessing of your Father in heaven. You see, you will not achieve peace within yourself before you are nurturing your spiritual being with truthfulness, with love and kindness towards your fellow beings.

Shake vanity off yourself. Vanity limits you, vanity lowers yourself, vanity creates fear within yourself, and vanity is untruthfulness to yourself. Meet vanity with love, with understanding, with helpfulness, with charity in mind. There is always a reason for people’s vanity and you must look through that blurred picture and understand the person, the real person. Then you have raised yourself, my friend, when you take that position in life, when you show kindness, friendliness and can help to reveal the truthfulness, where you can be an example for leaving vanity, pride and selfishness behind. My friend, you have a great mission in life. You can be an example for others to follow, an example of truthfulness and love.

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