5. Transition


When you are born to the earth plane, you have made a transition from the spirit world. It is a time of joy and happiness. An infant, a small child, a baby that you can hold in your arm, that the mother can feed from her breast, a wonderful moment in life for the mother and father, truly a gift from God. It´s a miracle you would say, because it is so wonderful, but even this miracle is based on nature´s law.

The child is growing with the guidance from its parents, and in the beginning it is living based on its instincts. The child gives a message when it needs nurturing, and a message when it needs to be held and cared for, and when times passes, the child starts to smile towards its parents, and the smile reaches the inner self of the human beings, of the mother and father with cheerfulness. The child creates a personality of its own, learns the basics of life, what to do and not to do. It learns to utter the right words for different objects and certainly the mother’s and father’s name, Mummy and Daddy. There is a transition within the child all the time. It starts to speak and make itself understood. It creates its own state of being based on the interaction between friends and family. All this is forming the child and its character, knowing right from wrong. The parents have a great responsibility in raising the child, bringing in good values in the family relationship and creating an atmosphere of love, peace and safety. The child goes to school and acquires more knowledge, more social relationships, getting a broader perspective of the world, and when the child reaches adulthood, society will give a new school of life, the school of life, where the child has become an adult and finds his or her mission in life.

There is a transition from birth throughout life. At birth the child and the spirit became one. This spirit is the seed from God that gives life, because the spirit, your spiritual being, is the power within yourself. The seed has been nurtured by the child, the parents, friends, family and nature, all in interaction. Know this, my friend, know that you have the spirit inside yourself, the spiritual being that you are, and that you are responsible for giving the spirit within the nurturing, the spiritual food, that it needs. Love is the answer, love towards your fellow beings, helping others, giving charity, and releasing yourself from the selfishness that was your basic instinct when you were an infant. Know that you can develop this seed and beauty within yourself, because you are part of God that gave you life. Let God’s consciousness be part of your consciousness.

Find your occupation in life, whatever that might be, but foremost create love within by being tolerant towards others, and by helping others, you help yourself. Build yourself up inside with a character of love and patience, and you will have an inner peace that you were meant to have in life on earth.

When you someday leave the earth plane, there is another transition. You leave your physical body behind, and you are your real self again, your spiritual being, your spiritual self, which is a replica of your physical being, without any illness or health problems. You can be young and strong again, in the spiritual real life.

Your life has many transitions and you are here on earth to learn and to meet struggles, which will teach you to find the beauty within, and to find love and peace within yourself. The transitions are there for you to learn, to learn about life. Later adulthood should be a smile towards your upbringing and towards your life.

On this side of life in the spirit world, we have many spheres and there will be many transitions based on your spirituality, and so it is on earth. Your spirituality will transform your inner being, and you will reach a higher consciousness when you increase your spiritual awareness. That is the key to transforming yourself towards the consciousness of God, which is love. That is our ultimate objective in life. The transition to the spirit world is what you have made it to in your world. You will feel to be exactly the same as you were on earth, with the same mind, consciousness, character and personality. The transition is nothing more than opening a new door, and walking over the doorstep. Your physical body is left behind, but you are real.

The transition is complete when the cord is cut, because you have also a cord from your physical being to your spiritual being, similarly to what you had when you were connected to your mother at birth. On this side you will meet a world that you have created in your mind by the love towards your fellow beings, and the peace and happiness you have reached within yourself. You will reap as you sow. You will meet love and understanding, but it will be your own consciousness and spirituality that determines your happiness on this side of life as well as on your side of life.

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