5. The Butterfly

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Mother Nature has such beauties in her world of botany and biology, living organisms, from the small seed that becomes a flower to the graceful elephant, the most magnificent and majestic animal on earth, and in between the smallest grain and the biggest animal, you find a little creation called the butterfly. This tiny creation starts as a small egg attaching itself to a leaf and, during what you call the metamorphosis, it transforms itself from a caterpillar to a butterfly that you can watch in all its beautiful colours. You may believe that the caterpillar is the creation that the egg was able to bring forth to this world but, my friend, this creation was not the end of the journey for the caterpillar. It starts after a while to transform into a pupa, a chrysalis, because in the creation, God gave the small worm, the small caterpillar, the ability to become something greater, but it has to go through a process, a change of itself, a complete transformation to something quite different, and when you see through your microscope, you will see another beauty in the chrysalis expanding, becoming a butterfly. Actually, my friend, you can see this with your physical eyes, and you can expand your vision with your technology. The caterpillar has to give nutrition for the butterfly to expand its wings, to form the beauties that will carry it from flower to flower. The butterfly sees the daylight when it emerges from the chrysalis, when it folds its wings out in the free. My friend, if you interrupt this process, if you do not let this pupa expand and let the butterfly fill its wings with blood, with nutrition; it will not be able to fly. It needs the time to fulfil itself, to fulfil its creation of its Creator.

The butterfly flies hither and thither, and it is one of the wonders of nature, a revelation in itself for you to see the transformation that you believed could not exist in nature. My friend, that is what you do as well when you leave the physical plane. When you leave your physical body behind on earth, your physical body is the chrysalis, the pupa, where the spirit of yourself revives as the butterfly. You have a transformation as well, but it is far easier because at the moment of death, at the moment when your physical body has accomplished its tasks on the earth plane, you become a spirit, a spirit of God, because you have left the material plane, the school of life on earth. You see, my friend, you need to accomplish your tasks on earth, you need to let nature itself end your life so you can fulfil your mission, just as the creation of the butterfly teaches you through nature.

In the school of life, you have to fulfil yourself; you have to complete your mission, your tasks. You have to go through life with all its challenges, with all its struggles, before you can emerge from life as a beautiful butterfly. Watch the caterpillar, watch the wonder of the chrysalis that needs the time to create the beautiful wings of this creation for the butterfly to fly, to fulfil itself, to become beautiful.

And there is only one way to fulfil yourself, to become a beautiful butterfly, and that is through love. Fill yourself with this energy from your Father in heaven, this energy of love, that you can pour over your pathway in life, that you can give to your fellow beings, so you can take part in the work for making your world a better place, a better place for everyone, for all the children of God.

My friend, when you have fulfilled yourself and join this world, you will be, as the butterfly, a spirit that can be of such beauty that people will watch you, admire you and thank you for your wonderful mission, for your work in God’s creation, because you did your Father´s will, and his will is love, love for all. Let this creation of the butterfly and its transformation from a caterpillar to the chrysalis to the beautiful creation of the butterfly be transparent to your own life, because it is a revelation to you from your Father that you have to fulfil yourself, that you have to complete your mission and not cut short anything on the earth plane before you leave your physical body behind, so you, my friend, can become a beautiful spirit, as the butterfly in all its struggles and life changes. Hold on to this truth. It is through struggle that you will learn and fulfil yourself. That is the school of life on earth. Remember that love created you. Let love be your pathway and let Nature, God’s creation, make yourself beautiful.

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