5. Simplicity


Life seems so complex. The world itself seems beyond my influence. Sometimes you feel that you yourself are just a small creation in this vast universe. And you think to yourself, how can I raise this world from its suffering, from the actions that I can see with my eyes every day? Major conglomerates are doing terrible actions towards Mother Nature, towards the climate of this world, polluting your world with poisonous gases and making disasters inevitable in the future because of their commercial interest, destroying land and sea. My friend, you can, with your voice that you received from your Father in heaven, shout loud, you can protest, you can protest with peaceful means, because it is with a peaceful voice you will be heard. In silence you will let the commercial interest, the selfishness of your world prosper. If the people of the world could find themselves, could find the truth of life, they would not behave in that manner, they would not let commerciality prevail over dignity, virtue and spirituality, they would not let innovations come into play that are attributable to greed.

There are always many routes in life, and when people know that there is no death, that they will survive their physical self, that they will look back on the earth and see how they behaved, what they left behind, the traces of themselves, they would reflect and evaluate on their position and think twice about their cruelty towards Mother Nature, towards human beings, towards all living beings, because that is not the way of simplicity, that is the way of exploiting your world. Simplicity is to live in modesty, simplicity is to find your real self, to find the values in life where your heart truly belongs, because that is where your Father is; your Father is in that simplicity of yourself.

God gave you life here on earth to find yourself, to find your real self, and that is found in simplicity. There is only one word that needs to be raised in your own mind and that word is love. Love is simplicity itself; love prevails over all there is, because love is the mightiest force of the universe. There is a law in the universe; there is a law that is universal and that is the law of cause and effect, and people of your earth do not comprehend even this law that is so simple, so simple to conceive of, so simple to employ in your world, but people do not understand the simplest and the most powerful word in your world. Many people in high positions cause so much trouble to your earth, people that are there to help humanity, that are there to find the truth of life, but live in vanity and misuse of their power. My friend, understand that the disasters that you have had in your world follow the law of cause and effect, and if you do not reflect on this law and give it the right place in your life for your decisions, for your behaviour, then more disasters will follow. You make your own destiny, you yourself are the Creator of the wellbeing of your world. Dwell on this, my friend, dwell on this for a while because you can be the voice that tells the world, that shouts out loud that now is the time to reflect on your behaviour on your planet, your beautiful blue planet.

Cultivate Simplicity,
Cultivate Love,
Cultivate Charity,
Cultivate Honesty,
Cultivate Kindness and Friendliness,
Cultivate yourself so you become Love,
so you find your true self, your spiritual self, the spirit that survives the physical death, the spirit that is your eternal self, that is part of God. When you are on the earth plane and you see how to raise yourself spiritually, when you acknowledge that selfless thoughts, that your behaviour, should be of love, then show the world the light of the pathway in life to reach for the higher self, so your world can come to itself and be one in the consciousness of love, because that is the destination of your self and your world. That is where you find your real self, that is where the world, the beautiful blue planet, will keep its dignity, where the world will find its oneness with the Creator that made you, the world and the universe that you live within, that made all there is.

Simplicity in your advanced world, with your advanced technology, does not need the greed, does not need the selfish motives, does not need the passions, that create despair and suffering in your world.

Love replaces your minds that are blocked by materiality. Find the love that you have within yourself, the love that you received at birth, that you can connect yourself to with the universal power of God. When you see this, my friend, you see the simplicity of your Creator, the simplicity of mind that is to love one another, to see that you are one big family on earth, that you are connected and that you must take care of every child on this earth and of Mother Nature, because everything is correlated, everything should be in harmony. Do not exploit your world, do not exploit any of the children of your world, but raise yourself in love for all.

Simplicity is love, and love is of God.

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