5. Mental Mediumship


Suddenly a thought comes to your mind. You are out walking, enjoying your time watching the nature. Suddenly, a thought that came from nowhere reminded you of a friend. The thought may have been sent by your friend, a thought that was in the form of an electrical charge, a signal similar to the radio signal that you tune in to on your radio station. You are also a radio station, a receiver and a transmitter, and you receive thoughts, you receive pictures, you receive living pictures in the form of a movie, all coming to your mind automatically, but you don’t know where you have it from. It is just there. Well, my friend, this is mental mediumship that we all have. We are all mediums.

Some people are more spiritually aware because they have this knowledge that thoughts are real, thoughts are substance, and that there is something more to the material life than you can see with your physical eyes. They have entered into the spiritual awareness within themselves, and when they reach this awareness, they know that they cannot die, that they are spiritual beings, that there are souls around them on the earth plane and that there is a spirit world. They know that the kingdom of God is far beyond the physical senses of the earth, senses of the physical kind: your sight, your hearing, your smell, your speech, your taste and touch.

Some people hear what you will call clairaudience. They hear voices from the spirit world. They hear voices from spiritual beings that are no longer in their physical body. Some you term clairvoyant, people that see in their minds people that have left their physical body, people that are still human beings in their spiritual form, and then some sense spirits around them, those you term clairsentient. Yes, we know your expressions for different kinds of mental mediumship, but we do not regard them separately. We regard mental mediumship as one, because even though you hear more voices from the spirit world, you also have pictures in your mind and you also have the feelings, the sense of the beings that you hear.

As long as you have the sense, the feeling, and receive thoughts in your mind, receive information from the spirit world, and also from beings of the earth that send their thoughts and their pictures to you, it is all mental mediumship because you convert the electric charges, the pulses from the ether, to a comprehendible message within yourself, that you can give from yourself.

Now, when you know that you are a medium as well, you know that you have to use your logic, your reasoning, when you listen to a person calling him or herself a medium, as you would with a human being in the physical flesh, to judge if the message you receive is trustable, because mediums may have received the wrong signals, may have received a wrong message that you cannot trust. Even when there are mediums that are very precise in their predictions, in their quality of messages, you are allowed to use your logic and sense to see and know if you can trust the messages.

Well, if there is a message of love, love is always of kindness, but do not trust messages that you receive, that you are given by mediums, that are not of love. Love must prevail when you receive and transmit messages from the spirit world. Everything else should be discarded, because messages of love are from God, from angels and from good spirits in the spirit world, from the kingdom of heaven.

As we are all mediums, you can be in communion with departed souls, souls of the spirit world, because we are real, we are living human beings, we are as real as you. Pray to God so you can have his guidance. Go into stillness and in your mind meet your loved ones that have left the earth plane, and they will come to you in love. Where there is love, nothing can prevent you from being together in unity for a while in your mind. Give good thoughts, tell whatever you want to tell your loved ones that is of love, and they will rejoice with you and you will in turn receive thoughts of love from them. Then you are one in love. Feel the joy of being together. Know that your friends and your dear ones are in good hands in the spirit world, because they are in the hands of God, which is love. When you have felt their presence in your mind, you send your thoughts of love to them and thank God with a prayer for your communion.

You can be close to your dear ones in your own mind. You can yourself send a message of love, and it will be heard and you will receive messages of love in your mind. Then my friend, you will know that you yourself truly are a medium, a mental medium.

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