5. Love is everything


My friend, love is the mightiest force in the universe. And when I say this, what do you think this force represents? Of course, this force is God, because God is love. He has given us free will, and he does not interfere.

There is only one law that we know of, and that is the law of cause and effect. This law is universal. You reap what you sow. Keep this in mind, because if you sow love, you will reap love.

Love binds us together, and when we reach for the highest, we reach for love. My friend, this is yours. When you plant the seed of love, you help yourself, your inner being, and you will be a light, because love is the purest and the strongest force. Above all, cultivate love, and in love you will find all the good things in life; peace, honesty, your inner self, because the Almighty has planted the seed inside you. He is only sowing love, because he wants you to reap love. Nothing else. He is there for you. He is there, in your deepest moments where your thoughts are of sorrow, and he is there rejoicing when you find happiness. He never leaves you. Even though you cry out for the Almighty, saying: Where are you? How could you let these things happen? How could you do this, and how could you do that? Well, my friend, God does not interfere, but he is sending his love. He wants all the best for you, for you are his children.

You must know that you can never die. When you know this, you will see things differently, because you are a spirit, you have God inside you, and you are part of God, the Great White Spirit, as we know him.

All religions are seeking God, expressing him in different terms, but there is only one God and that is love. We are all brothers and sisters, all of the same God, and we are only servants, and in humbleness, messengers of the Almighty. We are here on earth to teach you that love is everything in life.

We are each and every one of us like diamonds with many facets. We are like the iceberg, but we only see the tip of it. You are so much more then you can perceive. In your inner being there is a spark that is there waiting for your love towards humanity. Then and first then, you will see the errors and mistakes of the world, of yourself, and what you can do to make this a better world. You will see how you can raise yourself above materiality and search for your spiritual pathway. There you will see that love is the answer that will bring you forward. Love your fellow beings, humble yourself and place yourself in the background. Then, you will get the right perspective and see the light of your spiritual pathway.

My friend, it is not any easy road to follow, but if it was an easy path, where you had nothing to strive for, it wouldn´t be worth having. With everything else in life, you will have to strive to find your ultimate objective, your mission in life.

What is your mission, my friend? Whatever you are, whatever your work is, you have one mission, and that is to become closer to and to become one with God, because we are all one. You as a spiritual being should seek for the highest in you, and there you will find the answer. Your mission in life is to love your fellow beings, to get rid of selfishness, to help others wherever you can, and to make earth a better world.

On this spiritual journey, you will make many mistakes, and you will learn from them. We on this side do mistakes as well, and we learn from them. So we are all on the spiritual journey, but we on this side know that we can never die, and we know our mission and our ultimate goal. That’s why we are coming to you. To tell you this, this beautiful, glorious message that we survive the physical death, that we are spiritual beings and that love is everything, love is all there is.

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