5. Beautify your spirit

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When we from the world beyond look upon each and every one of you, we can see that you have an aura, an energy field around yourself, an energy field of colours colours of the rainbow that you cannot see or perceive with your physical eyes. These colours, this energy field, tell us how you are, how you behave, how your character is, and how your position in life is. We can truly see who you are, your real self that you, with your physical eyes, cannot perceive.

You see, my friend, you are a spirit with a physical body and this energy you have within yourself is emanating and displaying itself towards the world. It is like the sun. The sun has a tremendous energy and it shines upon all of you, and it shines with a glowing energy field that you can see with your physical eyes. It is similar to the fireplace, when the wood is burning, it releases energy, and so it is with you my friend. You are an eternal being, you have a spirit within yourself that cannot die, it is an energy that is within your physical body alive, and when your physical body leaves this earth plane then your spirit survives, and you yourself are more alive than ever before because you are not hampered anymore by your physical body. Then you have the liberty of being a spirit of the spirit world, of the unseen world, similarly to the wood in the fireplace that turns to ashes, but releases its energy. The energy from the firewood transforms itself into warmth and you yourself transform into your true self, a real human being in an eternal spirit body. But, my friend, there is actually no transformation because you yourself are a spirit that is invisible to the human eye, and that is why I am telling you that you have an aura around yourself, the energy field, the rainbow of your eternal self.

You can beautify your spirit. You can let this rainbow of yourself be bright and clear and express itself in the most beautiful colours. When that rainbow is turning itself towards God, it turns itself towards its home, its Father, its parent in heaven, the white bright light that gave you the rainbow. That is where you came from, your origin, and that is where you have your energy and life from, which is the life force that makes the rainbow shine towards the world when you are one with God. You beautify yourself by sending out love as your Father sends his white bright light of love as a revelation to you with the sun. The love you give beautifies your self. God is love and you can fulfil yourself and become Godlike when you pour love over your fellow beings, over your pathways in life, over humanity and Mother Nature.

When you leave selfishness, when you leave greed and vanity and the need for being better than others, when you leave the need for power over others, when you humble yourself, when you forgive, when you help and do charity, then you are beautifying your spirit and you will shine forth and be a light of God for the world. Then, my friend, you will have reached such a level of spirituality that you yourself are a white bright light. You can show people you meet on your pathway the only way to find peace of mind, to be a family where love prevails, where all share with each other, share the resources of your world, and where there is no selfishness, then you beautify your fellow beings, then you help them to see and reach for the light, for the love of your Father.

Spirituality is the pathway towards beautifying your spirit. Materiality will hold you down, but it is there as a training ground for you to experience, for you to learn from the passions of the earth. When you find the seed of love that you received at birth, that little grain of love, you find yourself and then you will understand that the passions of the earth were there to master, so you could raise yourself spiritually. Then you beautify the rainbow of yourself, then you become one with your Father in his consciousness of love, because that is where you want to be, that is where we all want to stay, in that mansion of love, because that is paradise, that is the heaven that you can build within yourself.

Christ beautified himself because he did the will of his Father, and the will of our Father is love. It is to create a unity, a family of love on earth so your world can be healed, so the people of the earth can understand that they are eternal beings, that they are all spirits, that they are all children of God, that they are here on earth to learn. Christ showed the way. He was the light and the truth, and in that teaching, he is telling you that you must love each other, that you must love to create peace, to create friendship, to be as one, to be as one with God.

Beautify your spirit, so you can build the treasure of love within yourself, the heaven of love that you can enjoy on the earth plane when you have climbed the ladder of spirituality, when you have received the knowledge, when you have found your true self, a treasure that you will bring along to the spirit world, a treasure that will be crowned by the Almighty Father when you have built your treasure in love for humanity and for Mother Nature on the earth plane.

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