5. A Beautiful Day


The sun reveals itself when the white cloud passes by,
It is shining upon nature,
Releasing the wonderful colours and its vibration,
Colours that vibrate within yourself when they catch your eyes,
Colours of green, the green grass,
The sea, the blue ocean reflecting heaven above,
The flowers built by the rainbow,
God’s rainbow brought to you by the rain,
The dew on the grass in the morning
Reveals God’s love for planet Earth, for yourself,
God’s love for all.

A beautiful day has been given to you.
My friend, let this beautiful day be a day for you to reflect upon
What you have been given:
Your self, the human nature,
Mother Earth.
This wonderful Creation that has been brought to you, given to you, for free,
My friend, it is there for you to comprehend within your self,
For you to learn from,
For you to enhance your own wisdom of your self.
A beautiful day.

A beautiful day where the birds are singing lovelove to your soul,
Tunes from heaven.
A beautiful day where you meet a friend,
Where you share loving thoughts,
Thoughts that bring you the wonders of nature within yourself,
The Creation itself, alive,
Thoughts that are of kindness and friendliness,
Thoughts that are of love,
A beautiful day, a beautiful friendship.

This beautiful day is a revelation given to you by the daylight,
The sun that shines upon you,
That you can have a glimpse of by turning your head
Towards heaven,
Towards the bright light of love,
The bright light that you can find within yourself.

On this beautiful day
When everything is revealed to you in such beauty;
The bright light of love given to your own spirit
For your spirit to evolve,
To find its true self,
To enhance itself spiritually,
To find God within,
Heaven within,
The treasure of love.

A beautiful day,
A wonderful wisdom,
The wisdom of love,
The Creation of love,
God within your self.

A beautiful day,
A wonderful world,
A wonderful Creation
Made out of love,
God’s love for all.

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