49. Reform your World


You do not need statistics or mathematical precision to see that your world needs reform, needs reformation, when you see poverty of such dimension, when you see the suffering of so many people, when you see so much disease among the poor, when you see the violence and the cruelty that has been going on in your world since time immemorial. You see, my friend, that your world needs change; it needs a collective action from a multilateral agreement between countries that poverty, that social progress and development, that climate change, that the gap between rich and poor, create inequality, and in turn place your world in a stage where it needs reformation. It needs to be addressed, this crucial message that your world needs to be taken care of as a whole for humanity to bring itself to a dimension where love, kindness, friendliness, where sharing of resources, where climate change are taken seriously, where people are treated with respect and dignity. Every local government can take part in this collective change in your world.

The United Nations, your organisation for peace development, for humanitarian affairs, for international laws, can come into a position where they can be the body of your world for enhancing the crucial wellbeing of your planet, because in such an organisation you can achieve multilateral agreements, you can create a collectiveness towards the crucial message of resolving inequalities in your world. You see, there are no national borders in the eyes of your Creator. He did not create national borders, they were humanmade, but are part of the universal body, of the United Nations that can bring unity of love, unity of equality across borders that are purely lines on maps, because you are one world, you are all children of God, and you must take care of each other, you are all brothers and sisters.

I speak to you from the world beyond. I have been on your earth plane, and I know about your troubles, I know about human behaviour, I know all about inequality, I know the answer to your world because I can see with the eyes of the spirit that penetrates your material world. I can see and know the minds of people. I know the thoughts that exist in your world, the inclusiveness and your present state of being. We, from this world, are here to bring you the message that there is no death, that you are eternal beings, that you are, as we are, children of God. We are his creations, and we are here to bring forth the knowledge, the truth of life, the wisdom of God that love is the power of the universe, the power that can solve any conflicts in your world.

Love, kindness, friendliness, honesty are keys to your openness, treatment of people with respect, because you are all one in the creation of your Father. God made you out of love; he made your world out of love. Remember this when you take actions in your world, when you solve conflicts, when you make peace, when you build peace, when you strive to keep peace, to maintain peace in your world. Always keep your Father’s word in your mind, his word that made yourself, the word of love.

Reform your world with the knowledge that you have about yourself, the truth of yourself, the truth of every being, that you are spirits of God, that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself because you are of the same creation, and your actions are revealed to your spiritual self in the body of the Creator. Let the United Nations, the organisation, be the body of love and peace, be a body that takes care of every nation on the earth plane, that brings a good life for all the children of your world. Let this body represent the will of your Father to bring his creation that he made out of love, into love itself, where the human race can bring heaven on earth, the heaven that your Father brought to your world, but that you have lost out of sight.

Multilateral agreements, consensus, collective actions that are of peaceful means, can be achieved in this multilateral body of your world. Reform your world with the wisdom of God, with the truth of life, that you are eternal, that you are spirits of God on the earth plane. Be the hands of God, be the hands of love on earth, and you have brought his wisdom to yourself and to the people of the earth plane. Reform your world, heal your world, it is time to bring love unanimously to the children of God, the children of Planet Earth.

God bless you all. Let God bless the United Nations, let the blessing of your Creator create peace and love among nations, among the people of the earth, to every child, to every spirit of God.

Let the spirit of United Nations be of love and peace.

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