48. United Nations

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On Planet Earth you have built national borders, a planet consisting of many countries, a planet where you have different climates, and where you have different cultures, a planet where countries have developed in different directions, have developed with different political leadership and systems, and in countries where equality and democracy have been foremost in its development, a better place has evolved for its citizens, whereas in other countries that are undemocratic, that are dictatorial, people have not reached that far. In such countries, political leadership has even oppressed peaceful demonstrations, has oppressed its own people. They should turn their heads towards countries where the citizens are better off, countries that put equality into their democratic pursuit for the life of the people, for its wholeness, for its future.

In your world you have the organisation called United Nations. This organisation is for the good of all. It is there to raise consciousness of peace, of human rights, of sustainable development, for social progress, for humanitarian principles of life where love prevails. Even so, the United Nations, the organisation, has its challenges, because even though every country has the same obligation to meet multilateral agreements, they do not have the same decency and the same objectives. When countries misbehave, when political leaders in undemocratic countries oppress and abuse their power, countries that veto against peaceful means, against building peacefulness in your world, against humanitarian efforts, against human rights for everyone, these countries are on the wrong path, and they have no idea about the knowledge that what they do to others they do to themselves, because you are all children of God, you are of the same spirit. There is no death, you are all eternal beings and when you look back on your behaviour on the earth plane, then pray to God that you did your uttermost to create peace, to bring love to your fellow beings, because that is what you create within yourself, the heaven within that you can bring along to the world beyond, where there are no possessions of the material kind, where there is no wealth of the material earth. The world, the heaven that you have within yourself is of the love and the peace that you left behind yourself on the earth plane. People must know this truth of life, and people must find their spiritual self that will live on in this world beyond. This knowledge is crucial for healing your world, for bringing the United Nations and its organisation into perfect shape. When people know that there is no death, and when they know that what they do to others, they do to themselves, they will change in behaviour, they will change. Trust me, there will be a change in your world when you know the truth of life, when you have the wisdom of God on the earth plane, when you have found your true selves.

My friend, you can find this wisdom of life on the Bridge of Love. You can have the proof of life after death, after the physical death on earth, because we that once walked upon the earth plane will come to you and demonstrate that we are whom we claim to be. We can give you the knowledge that we obtained on earth, we can give you the proof that you are longing for, but then you have to walk the Bridge of Love. You will have to meet us on this bridge that is built by the hands of God, built in love. Raise yourself spiritually to find the truth of life, to find your true self. Heighten yourself beyond the knowledge and the wisdom of your science, of your knowledge of life. There is more to life than you have at present in your wisdom on the earth plane. There is an unseen world, but we are more alive than you yourself, because our world is a real world, is even more real than yours, because we create our world by our minds, and our world is made out of love, throughout. We can bring heaven on earth when you let us come to you and you meet us in love, because the communion between our world and your world must be in love for you to gain the wisdom of God.

Everything is revealed in nature, but you are more attuned to the material life where God’s revelations are taken for granted. Imagine this Planet Earth in the universe. It is one small planet, and it is one small planet in your solar system. Get the perspective of life. Know that your Father created your world, because all that you have cannot come by itself, cannot come from nothing. Use your logic and your reasoning, my friend.

United Nations is a wonderful expression, is a wonderful exemplification of the mind of God that you should be one big family, that you should take care of each other, that you should bring food on the table to every child on this earth, that you should conquer the despair of your world, should conquer inequality, because there is everything that turns your earth plane to such misery, caused by selfishness, misuse of power, oppression and vanity, and of not knowing the truth of yourself and the truth of life itself.

On the Bridge of Love you can find the answers to life. Make a major effort to raise yourself spiritually, so you can walk the Bridge of Love, and meet us in communion, in communion where love prevails, where we in our humbleness can give you the wisdom of God that you so desperately need on your Planet Earth to eradicate the misbehaviour of nations, the misbehaviour that causes despair and misery for the population of the earth plane.

You are all children of the same Father. You that are in higher positions in your world, humble yourself and let love prevail in your heart when you make decisions for your country, for your world, because one day you will look back on your world and see what you made out of your life, one day, my friend. Be sure that you made your work out of love for your fellow beings. Make sure that you brought happiness and fortune to the children, to your big family on the earth plane. God bless you and let the wisdom of God come to your world, so we together can heal your world, so we together can bring the love from God to every soul on your planet, the love that created you, that made your world into such a beautiful creation. Behold this wonderful blue planet, and let your hands of love sustain its beauty. Become love yourself so you can be in oneness with your Creator, in oneness of God.

A United Nations made by love for all.

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