47. Listen to your world


When you live in a comfortable place in your world, when you have sufficient food on the table, when privation is not part of your life, you are a fortunate human being, because you are blessed with the vital elements in life for you to grow, for you to raise yourself spiritually. In this comfortable place it is easy to forget about the poverty and the cry from other parts of your world, where people do not have the necessities, the meals, for their daily tasks. Listen to your world, listen to the cry of the little children, listen to the misfortunate that are exposed to violence and cruelty, that do not receive the love from their brothers and sisters on the earth plane.

Your world has a tremendous task you, the people of the earth when you see the despair of your world, when you see people that live in the slums, when you see people that are lost in the sight of love from their brothers and sisters, their family on earth, because you are one big family, you are all children of God. The wealthiest person on earth is not more important than the lowest in poverty, the child in the slum that does not have food on the table. They are both the same, children of the Almighty Father, and it is everyone’s responsibility to see to it that all the children in this family are taken care of, that no one is placed in poverty, that none are given the conditions that are unsuitable to you yourself. Look at yourself and see what kind of life you will find in such a place in the world where there is insufficient health care, where there is no work, where there is war, where people are fighting for their bread every day.

In the rich world, in developed countries, you exploit the nature, you do not see beyond yourself, your selfishness, when you destroy the environment, when you do not take care of Mother Nature, when you exploit the resources of your world in such a manner that you bring misfortune to your children today and for the next generations. Listen to your world, my friend, listen, listen carefully, because you could find yourself in such a place where you did not have food on the table, where you did not have necessary healthcare, where you saw your children die out of hunger, die out of insufficient care, insufficient medicine that is given to everyone in the rich world, medicines that can sustain life and gain health for people. You see, my friend, you have a huge responsibility on earth, you that are rich, that are wealthy in material terms, must seek the spiritual path so you can see beyond your selfish desire, so you can see that you are all children of God, that you must help each other, that you must care for the children, for people that do not have the necessities and the comfort that you would say to yourself was of fundamental value in your own life to find happiness, for yourself to find a good life on earth.

You take water and sanitation for granted in the rich part of the world, but that is not so in the poor countries, in the undeveloped countries that are there for you to give a helping hand so they can have a prosperous life like yourself with school for children, so they can be educated for bringing growth to their families. You have a duty to perform; you all have a duty, and when you live in a comfortable place and see people suffer in other places in your world, give your brothers and sisters a helping hand. If you do not care, then you must know, my friend, that there is no death, that you are an eternal being and that you one day will look back on your life on earth, and see what you made out of your life. Then you will see that you were fortunate, that you could have done so much for the misfortunate. See, my friend, you have an obligation to fulfil so you can find the love within yourself, the heaven that you can build by bringing charity, love and knowledge to the people of the world that are less fortunate than yourself.

Listen to your world, listen to the bombs that are killing people, listen to your leaders and their behaviour, when they say that all means for resolving peace have been tried, that there is only one way to find a solution and that is to bring weapons of destruction into the picture. I can say this, my friend, that there is only one weapon that can be used to solve conflicts and that is through understanding, through love, through helpfulness, through charity, through the means of kindness.

War does not solve anything; war is the wrong path to solve conflicts. Negotiations, understanding, bringing knowledge forward, bringing in your wealth, your resources, to the people in conflict, that is the path towards peaceful solutions, that is the only way to find the truth, the truth of the beings that are in conflict. Knowledge dispels fear, and people must receive the knowledge, the understanding, people must have sufficient food on their table, sufficient protection, sufficient comfort, and then they will reflect on their lives, then anger and hatred will disappear when people bring love into their lives.

We from this world, we know that there is only one path in life, and that is through love, and in this word you have all the answers for any conflict resolution. You people on the earth are very impatient when you are there to solve conflicts, but we know that everything must be solved with patience.

Listen to your world, listen to your self, listen to your own understanding of love when you look upon your own children, when you look upon your loved ones, when you care for them, when you provide help for them. Well, my friend, your children are of God, as you are, as you all are on the earth plane. You must consider every child on earth as your own child. When you have this love and care foremost in your life, you will act differently; you will know that you must find solutions where love prevails, and that is the will of God.

God has not given you the mandate of bringing misfortune to his children; he has given you the power of love to bring harmony and peace to his children. Remember, my friend, that one day you will look back on your life from this side, in the world beyond, and you will follow your traces that you left behind and you will judge yourself. You will see that love was the answer when you followed the will of your Father.

Listen to your world, listen to the suffering, and listen to the voices of cruelty, violence, anger, and hatred. Listen to the cry of the little children that do not have sufficient food, that are going hungry to bed at night, that lost a brother and a sister due to Man’s inhumanity, due to his selfishness, his vanity, his dishonesty, due to his untruthfulness to his family. You are one big family; you are all children of God. Listen…. listen…. listen.

The wisdom of life is given to you on the Bridge of Love. Meet us from the world beyond on this bridge, and we will give you the truth of life, the truth of yourself, the truth of love, the wisdom of God.

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