46. There Are No National Borders


The Planet Earth is a beautiful creation; the blue ocean, the green forest, the variety of flowers, the vastness of inhabitants of the animal kingdom, and then you, my friend, the human creation that is there to take responsibility, to create and fulfil the love that your Father gave upon his creation, that he made and as he created from the very beginning of the word, love.

This world where the children of God have been given the opportunity and the challenge to raise themselves spiritually, to find the oneness with their Creator, this planet has been given you so you could fulfil yourself, so you could find your true self, so you could find the meaning of life on this very earth plane. You are here for a quest of life, for a quest of the meaning of life, for a quest of yourself and your origin, and your Father has given you every opportunity, all his revelations on your planet, for you to find the answer to your quests in life, that you all have, all the children of God.

Seek to find, in this life on the earth plane, the love that you can give to your world, the love that made your world and yourself, the love from your Father, the Creator, the power of the universe. This power of love is there for you to pour over your pathway, so you can help your brothers and sisters, so you do not isolate yourself and create separateness between the people of the earth, as your national borders have done from ancient times. You see, my friend, national borders are not of God, they are manmade, and you are here to pour love regardless of national borders, because the children of the earth are all your brothers and sisters, and in that love, in that truthfulness you do not see the fences that your world has put up for limiting people, for creating barriers between people that have had conflicts and wars for so many years. Now is the time to change, now is the time to see that the national borders are only there as a simple culture and nothing else, because national borders are not for preventing love from jumping over the fences, for preventing kindness and charity for all.

Love has no national borders.
Honesty has no national borders.
Charity has no national borders.
Kindness has no national borders.
Friendliness has no national borders.

My friend, you are here to tear down the fences that create misfortune, that create suffering among the children on the earth plane, you are here to tear down the fences that are contrary to love, you are here to bring the truth of life to the earth plane, so people can see that national borders are not of God, are not of heaven.

On the Bridge of Love there are no national borders, there is only love, love between brothers and sisters, and that bridge is blessed and built by the hands of God. Let that Bridge of Love replace the fences of your world, the fences of national borders that are there just to bring discomfort and misfortune to your world. Let the Bridge of Love be the union between nations. The Bridge of Love, the communion with departed souls is reality. We take part in your love for each other because, my friend, we love you as brothers and sisters, and we are one big family, one big family on earth and in heaven. We are all brothers and sisters, and we are all children of God.

God made your planet as a whole planet, where only rivers and oceans create distances between people, where only mountains and deserts create a physical distance between friends, but you are all in the heart of your Father. You are as one, as his big family, and you are here on earth to receive this knowledge, to gain this truth of life within yourself, so you can bring the truth forward to your world. My friend, when you have this truth, when you have received the truth of life, that you can never die, that you are an eternal being, a spirit that lives on beyond your physical death, when you know this, it is your responsibility to bring this message to your friends, so they can have the truth, so they can raise themselves in spirituality, so they can build the heaven of love within themselves, because it is an essential question that you have on the earth plane what will happen when you die? You have the answer: on the Bridge of Love you can find the proof. We are here to give you the proof, the reality of life on the Bridge of Love.

When you are uncertain about things in life, you seek advice, you search to find an answer to your question. Well, my friend, there is nothing to fear when you come to us on the Bridge of Love in love. When you come to us we can have the communion in love that is blessed by our Father, because your Father, our Creator, wants us all to be in harmony, to be in love with each other in his big family. He does not create separateness. Your separateness is humanmade, and you can turn this lack of knowledge of the afterlife into a truth, into love and knowledge for all.

Let the children of the earth have the truth of life. Religions are there to bring comfort, to bring love to the children of the earth. Do not let dogmas and creeds hamper you in finding the truth of life itself. Much has been misinterpreted, miscomprehended over time, because people from the ancient period, when scriptures and creeds were established, did not have the same knowledge as you have in your modern world. You have another wisdom. Science has revealed to you that there is more to life than what was known to your ancestors. Let this knowledge that you have come forth. Let this knowledge of survival of your self, of the physical body, come to the world, because that message of love will bring comfort to your world, will bring harmony and peace to your world. Knowledge dispels fear and it is your duty, every one of you, to bring it to your brothers and sisters so they can find the love from their Father, the love that they are part of, that they can build within themselves, so they can find heaven when on earth, so they in turn can bring heaven on earth.

There are no national borders. When you have received the truth of life, when you have the eyes of your Creator, when you have found your true self, you know the love that you are part of, that you are in oneness of, when you fill your heart with the love that you can give to humanity, that you can give to your fellow beings, to your friends, to your family, that you can give to your big family on earth. You see, my friend, you are of the same Creator, all of you, the same Father, the same God, of the same family.

There are no borders in a loving family, in a family where there is love and tranquillity between the brothers and sisters and their parents, your Father and Mother in heaven.

National borders are just lines on the map, and love is not a map, it is a reality, a truth of life, the power of the universe one God, one universe, no lines, no maps, only love.

Turn your globe into this wonderful power of your Father, the power of love.

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