45. Your Responsibility


In your lifetime on earth you meet various challenges. From childhood where you mingled with friends in your play, when you attended school, you learned from the behaviour of others and made your reflections. In your mind, you evaluated your friends, and your school attendance. You watched your own behaviour, and looked at yourself sometimes and asked: “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” In adulthood this learning from childhood gave you ballast in life when you met struggles and opportunities later on, when you had to choose your path in life.

Even today you might seek for the meaning and the purpose of yourself, and the life that you have met on your pathway. You have gathered much knowledge during your lifetime, whether as a youth or in your adulthood. You have, in different ways, gathered information about yourself, about your life, and you sum up and see where you are at present. Sometimes you have met people saying to you that this task is your responsibility, or you have given yourself a mission, an assignment to accomplish, you have given yourself a responsibility. Every one of us has a responsibility, an obligation to fulfil, and you feel this responsibility when you have gained respect for your position in your mission, for that particular task in life.

You have many responsibilities, and you know that if you do not fulfil them, you will not feel the victory of your accomplishment. You can have many victories in life. You can conquer yourself and that is certainly a great victory, conquering the passions of selfishness, greed, jealousy, envy and dishonesty. Then you also know that love and kindness for others will lift you up, because you have experienced in life, when meeting people with kindness, people that give of themselves, that bring love to other human beings or animals, that this behaviour fills themselves and yourself with pleasure and joy. You have acknowledged the wisdom of yourself when you have mastered the passions of life, when you can control the negative aspect of the material life, the negative thoughts that are in the passions. Emphasise and put into practise the good values in life that are there to lift you up, that are there to raise your self spiritually, because love raises your self higher towards your spiritual self, towards the heaven that you can build within, the heaven of God, the heaven of peace and love.

You have a responsibility towards your fellow beings, towards your family, towards your brothers and sisters on earth. You have a responsibility to help and provide charity for the misfortunate, for the sufferers, because they are here like yourself on this earth plane, in this family of God, and you are here to find your true self, and that is found by helping and bringing the misfortunate out of their suffering so that everyone in your big family on earth do not suffer from privation, but can have a life in safety and comfort and find a happy life on earth, where they can raise themselves, like you and everyone else, towards a higher spirituality, towards love for each other.

My friend, to bring love to your world is your responsibility that is foremost in your life, that is what everyone can do when living on earth, love towards your brothers and sisters and towards Mother Nature. In that you have a tremendous responsibility because your world is suffering, your world is in despair, and you have the capability, all of you have this capability of giving love to the children of God. Remember, you are all of the same importance, you are all in this big family and you are here to share with each other, to bring love to each other, so you can be one big family on the earth plane where decency, honesty, happiness, joy, and love are the core of its unity.

When you make a quest for this core within yourself, you will find a beauty and a treasure in life, you will find heaven within, the heaven that your Father brought to you as a seed at birth, that he wanted you to nourish with love for your family, for your brothers and sisters, so you could build the most wonderful paradise within yourself. That is the way to fulfil yourself, that is the way to be in oneness with your Creator, that is your responsibility on the earth plane. And this can be done. It is achievable for everyone, for all the children on the earth plane.

Bring comfort to the sufferer, bring comfort to the bereaved, bring comfort to the misfortunate, and bring charity to your world. Give of yourself, lose yourself in service and you will find the supreme peace of mind, the supreme peace of love. God gave you a responsibility to take care of each other, to take care of Mother Nature, of your Planet Earth. He gave you these responsibilities out of love, because you are his children. We are all his children, and we are here on the earth plane to tell you the wisdom of your Father, the wisdom of life, the truth of life. We are here to tell you that you can find your true self within. Know that there is no death. Know that you are an eternal being. Know that what you do to others, you do to yourself, because you are one big family, you are of the same Creator, and you are all one in his Creation.

What a wonderful task and mission you have been given by your Creator. What a wonderful responsibility you have on earth.

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