44. Overcoming Selfishness

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Religions in your world all seek for God, the Creator of you and I; the Creator of the universe, the Creator of your beautiful, blue Planet Earth. Religions in your world are seeking for the highest, they are seeking for God, and when they are seeking for the highest, they are seeking for the power of the universe, the power of love, because God is love, God is unconditional love, and all religions are seeking for the same, the same power, the same Creator that they manifest in their religions. That is all good, that is the purpose of all religions, to manifest this power of love in your world, a power that is unconditional love, that takes care of all the children on the earth plane, the power that has created all there is.

But religions create separateness because each and every one of them and their followers, believe that their religion is the truth, that their belief system is the only truth. They create a fence between them and that fence has a label with the word ‘selfishness’. You have to climb over that fence to tear down the selfishness within yourself when you believe that your religion is the only way to your Creator, to the love that he gave to all his children on the earth plane. This fence of selfishness is there for you to tear down to create harmony in your world. All religions have the same God, are of the same love, so why are they creating separateness with this fence, with their doctrines, with their liturgy, with their creeds and dogmas? I can say this: From ancient times people did not have the knowledge as you have today, as you have acquired from science. You know more than your ancestors, you know more about the universe and your planet and your material position. You have achieved a tremendous value out of discoveries, out of your technology, to bring comfort and food on the table to many people, but you have also created a distance between people, people that are suffering, people that are living day by day and do not know if they can have their meals the next day.

Religions have a tremendous task. They can bring the knowledge, the truth of life, when they see that selfishness is the cause of inequality in your world, the suffering of your world. Selfishness is there for you to overcome, and you can overcome this passion that holds you down, that holds people down on the material level, when you raise yourself towards your Father, towards a spiritual life where you will know that you are all children of God. Selfishness is there for you to overcome by sharing and bringing love to all. You can create heaven on earth when you have overcome selfishness on the earth plane.

But still, you might ask: “How can we find the truth of life when religions are based on beliefs, creeds and doctrines in various forms, even though they have the same Father, even though they send their prayers to the same God, the same Creator?” On the Bridge of Love, you can be in communion with departed souls that have the wisdom of life, that know that there is no death, that can tell you that you, when you leave this physical world, will live on in another dimension of life where you will find yourself in a position that you created for yourself. Heaven is within you. Heaven is there for you to build on the earth plane, for you to bring to a higher level of consciousness where love prevails. You can bring love to your world and build this treasure within yourself that you can bring along to the world beyond, because material possessions, the wealth that you can have on the earth plane, has no value on this side of life, it is only the love that you brought to your brothers and sisters that will give you peace of mind.

Selfishness is contrary to love. Selfishness is there for you to master in life, is there for you to overcome in your earthly life so you can have the real treasure of life within yourself. On the Bridge of Love, we meet in love. The Bridge of Love is a blessing from our Father, our God, and it is his hands that build the bridge when you come to us in love. It is the truth of life that you can find on the Bridge of Love. We can, in communion, tell you how it is in the world beyond. We can tell you what to expect on this side according to your behaviour on the earth plane. We can give you the wisdom of the kingdom of heaven. We can give you the truth that will bring love to your planet, that will overcome the selfish passion of yourself and the selfishness of your world so your world can come out of its suffering and despair, so you can create heaven on earth.

We know that our knowledge is there for you to dwell on, is there for you to meet in love, because if you cast aside the truth of life, you will come emptyhanded to the next world. When you have love in heart, you have nothing to fear on this side of life because God is love, and when you come to us in love, you have fulfilled yourself, you will be part of the kingdom of love, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, the heaven that you have within yourself that you create on the earth plane. There is nothing to fear on the Bridge of Love when you come to us in love. When you come and seek communion in love, then you will be met by spirits that are of love, that want to bring the truth forward, that want you to have the truth within to gain peace and love in heart.

We come to you in love. We come to you as humble messengers of God to bring the truth forward. We come to you to tear down the fence of selfishness by giving you the knowledge, the truth of life, so you can find the unity of love between people that we in our prayer bring to earth. Let us together create heaven on earth. Let us bring the love from ourselves to every child on the earth plane. Do not let selfishness overrule your spiritual self; let your spirit within see the light, the truth of life.

Be generous, break the barrier within yourself, see that your selfish desire is contrary to your self, to your inner self, to the spirit of love that you received at birth from your Father, the seed that he gave you so you could bring this forth to your world as do the little hands of the child that stretches its hands giving you its love, the love the child has brought to you from heaven. Let these hands be a sign of love brought to you by your Father, brought to you for you to bless your world with his love. Take care of the children; let them find a world where there is love, where there is comfort, where there is kindness a smile of love from your heart.

Let the power of love within yourself overcome the selfishness of your world.

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