43. The Root of Evil

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When you look upon Mother Nature, you can see all its beauties; its animals of such wonderful creations, of such magnitude of varieties, such magnitude of different colours, such magnitude of sizes and of different tasks in nature. They all fulfil a task. They are all part of the value chain. When you look upon the beauties of flowers, the different colours and shapes, when you look upon the trees that bloom in the springtime and give you such wonderful summertime, all this has been revealed to us every day from time immemorial, the beauties of your Creator. When you reflect on such a beautiful creation as Mother Nature, it is difficult to understand that there can be evil in this creation. Well, I can say this to you, my friend: that all evil is manmade, is caused by human beings that are undeveloped, that have miscomprehended the creation of their Father, that do not understand themselves, that their malevolent behaviour is due to the fact that they have not been developed in such a manner that they can see the beauties of your world, and their own creation that was made out of love.

Children that have not been given the love that is needed to enhance themselves, their spiritual selves to find the beauty within may go astray, and it is your responsibility – everyone on the earth plane – to raise your voice and help people to find and see right from wrong, because all that is right is of love, and all that is wrong is caused by selfish desires, by the passions that are there on earth to control, to master, passions of greed, vanity, anger, hatred, jealousy, mischievous behaviour and malicious behaviour. My friend, it is the responsibility of the human race to eradicate the root of evil from this earth plane.

When you look to Mother Nature and you watch the trees that have been given hands of love for their care, that have been given the nutrition they need to flourish, to raise themselves in their beauties, you can be sure that they have good soil, that the roots for every tree that has raised itself in such a wonderful shape, in such wonderful blooming, have been given the right conditions for their lives. And it is the same with human beings: if they are given the right conditions, if they have been given the hands of love from the very beginning, then you have given them the soil for bringing fruit, for raising themselves in such a manner that they themselves will reflect the soil that they have been given by other human beings; by their friends, their family, their parents. I can say this: that people that are undeveloped need to be shown cautious care because they have to be, as the tree, given new soil, given new nutrition, and the sun for them to flourish, for them to find their true self, to find the beauty of life.

Evil deeds are caused by all the passions that are there for you to control and master in life, and it is everyone’s responsibility to give nutrition and prepare the soil, so everyone, all the children of God, can have the same opportunity and the same challenges in life, so they can find their own heaven, the paradise where the trees are in such beautiful order, in such a beautiful shape, in such a beautiful environment, in such wonderful blooming.

Explore your life, explore Mother Nature and learn the lessons given to you by your Father, because everything is revealed to you in Mother Nature and in other human beings so you can see and learn right from wrong, so you can see the good that you can do out of love for your fellow beings, so they can raise themselves towards that wonderful tree that you have in Mother Nature where the soil is perfect, where the tree has been given love and the right conditions for raising itself to such a beautiful creation.

God has given everyone the capability, has given everyone Mother Nature for a beautiful life, but you are here, every one of you are here on the earth plane to give a helping hand, to show love, to bring charity, to unselfishly bring comfort to all, to the misfortunate, to your friends, to your big family on earth, because you are made out of love by the same Father. You are of God, you are a spirit, and all are of the same importance, every one of you on the earth plane. It does not matter what position you have on earth, you are all of the same importance, you are all children of God, and you are here to bring love to your beautiful planet, you are here to eradicate the roots of evil, and that is done by care, by love for all, by unselfishness.

Raise yourself spiritually when you are on earth; create heaven within yourself by love for your fellow beings so you can find peace of mind, so you can find your true self on earth.

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