41. My Friend


For you that seek understanding,
For you that have opened your eyes,
For you that have felt the spark of the spirit within yourself,
For you that have felt the Almighty Spirit being close to you,
For you that want the truth of being,
For you that want to know, want to find the truth of life,
For you that have felt sorrow for your friends and loved ones that have passed on,
For you that have felt their presence,
For you that have wondered and searched in Mother Nature,
For you that want to achieve peace of mind,
For you seeking the meaning of life,
For you that have searched and finally received the knowledge and the wisdom of God,

My friend, we that come from the spirit world, we that live in the world beyond, we that live in a world that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but that you can feel with your inner sense, we are here as humble servants, as messengers of God, we are here as our ancestors have been from ancient times, trying to tell you that we survive our physical death, that we are eternal beings, that you are an eternal being, that you have a spiritual body that survives the physical death on earth. What a wonderful message we have for you. What a wonderful comfort we have for you. What a wonderful love we have for all human beings.

We are in the spirit of the Almighty Creator of the universe. We are in his consciousness of love, and so can you be, my friend. You can find love within yourself. You have the seed, the little grain within yourself that you were given at birth by your Father in heaven. Find this little grain and nurture it with love for your fellow beings. Nurture it by giving a helping hand wherever you can, by sowing love on your pathway so your pathway will bloom for others. You will then see that the garden and the flowers that you leave behind on your pathway are so beautiful, are of such colours, are of such brightness, are of such a bright light that you yourself have become a servant, a messenger of God.

My friend, you came to the earth plane to master the school of life, given to you by your Father in heaven. He wanted you to explore the earthly life, to conquer the passions of the earth, to make yourself unselfish and to find that seed within that you could nurture in love and receive peace within. He wanted you to become a strong spirit in love for humanity. He wanted you to know that you are part of the universe, that you are part of the creation, that you are part of God, and that you can be part of this wonderful consciousness of love. You came to earth to raise yourself spiritually. You came to earth to be a helping hand for other human beings. You came to earth to find yourself, your inner self, as a child of the creation of God, because we are all children of God, regardless of nationality, regardless of religion and creed, regardless of colour, regardless of your position in life.

On earth you measure wealth by material ends. In heaven we measure wealth by spiritual nature. You, my friend, turn to the pathway of spirituality when on earth because when you search for and build the treasure within, the treasure that lasts forever, materiality and the need for climbing in the material world vanishes. When you raise your spiritual self, money will have no value for you more than to sustain your life, to have a comfortable life in moderation. Then, my friend, that is the time when you find yourself. That is the time when you truly are raising yourself towards the wisdom of God, towards a higher spiritual being. When you have conquered the passions of the earth, you are mastering yourself, and your spiritual being becomes the master of your physical being, of your physical passions. Then you will see that love is all there is, that love reigns over your heart, that love creates peace of mind, and love is everything in life, is everything in the universe. Love is the power of the universe, and love is the power of God.

My friend, you can build a Bridge of Love because we are one, we can be one in love. Remember this; The Bridge of Love is built by the hands of God, and God is the bridge. Nothing can be achieved without the blessing from our Father in heaven; no communion can be received without his blessing. Create a Bridge of Love, meet us in love, and let the hands of God create the communion between us.

Let the truth shine forth, the truth of life, the truth of an eternal life.

God bless you, my friend.

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