41. Make a Difference


My friend, a spirit from my world wants to share with you his thoughts when he is about to enter your world.

In front of me, I have a white shining paper and in my hand I have a pencil. I start writing a letter with the word ‘Love’ because this thought fills my heart with the power of the kingdom of God. As I am writing, I continue with love for all children on earth, love for all children of the Creator, of God.

I have love in my heart when I write this letter, and I want to bring this love to your world, the material world, because I see the suffering, I see the despair, the inequality that rules the lives of so many children, so many human beings on the earth plane. I want to make a difference. I sit here in contemplation, I sit here wondering if I can bring this knowledge from the world beyond, where I am at this very moment, writing this letter to myself, to my journey on the earth plane, because I want to give of myself to the children of the earth. I have within myself a karma because I have been to your planet many times in different bodies, in different environments, and I want to heal myself, and I know that I will heal your world when I heal myself, and that is something that I will do out of my love for your world. That is my desire, that is my duty and it is my responsibility as a spirit of God.

This world that I find myself within is so beautiful, but I have to comply with this wonder of my Father. I have to raise my vibration to find the true essence of myself. I have my free will, but even so I know that I have to return to earth to perfect myself, to raise myself spiritually so I can find the love from my Father within, so I can be one in him and his hands on earth, the oneness with my Creator. I love my Father because I see the love that he has given to everyone, to your world. I know that he, the Mother and Father of the universe, is unconditional love, and I know that to be part of this unconditional love, I will have to make a difference, I will have to give my hands to the world, the Planet Earth, so I can help my brothers and sisters to find the peace, the love, that are of my Father, that he brought to you, but that you forgot when you left this world. I am writing this letter for myself so I one day can recall where I came from, so I one day hope that my Father will give his blessings to me so I can fulfil myself, so I can remember this letter that I am writing at this very moment.

I see that your world has gone astray because there is so much selfishness, so much poverty, so much inequality, so huge a gap between the rich and the poor, and I want to tell the world that there is only one way to build the lasting treasure within yourself, and that is to share your resources, to share your wealth among your brothers and sisters, to help wherever you can, to bring the light of love to your fellow beings and to the Planet Earth.

I received a visit from my dear friend that I love so very much in this world, and he has promised to help me in my life on earth. He will be my guide to accomplish my task on earth, and that is to make a difference. He will try to influence me to make me understand the truth of life when on earth. He will try to show the pathway towards the light, towards the love that I have within myself, that I have from my Father at the time I return to earth, the love that he wanted me to bring to the world, to fulfil my task, to achieve the mission of healing of your world, to take part in this mission, because we know that every small step, even though it seems as if it’s making no difference, it may have a huge difference when you look back on your life on earth, because that small difference of love, that comfort you brought to a dear brother or sister, or a stranger, may seem small to you, but may have a tremendous effect on your earth plane. You do not have the eyes to see even the smallest steps that you can make in your world, but when you come to this side you will see that your positive actions for bringing love were of tremendous value. So, my friend, you can make a difference.

In a while I will merge with my physical body. I will, through a time of pregnancy of my earthly mother, connect myself to this spirit, to this body, and then when I see the daylight of your world I will fulfil my earthly body and spirit completely. I will join your world when you cut the cord between my mother and myself. I will stretch my hands towards my father and mother on earth, and I will show them that my hands are of love, that I come from a world beyond, a world of love where all are equal, where people are rich in spirit where love prevails, and poor in spirit where love is missing, where spirits are undeveloped and have not found the wisdom of their Creator.

I am writing this letter to myself, I want to bring forward the knowledge of heaven, so I can take part in this mission to bring heaven on earth, to bring love, the knowledge, the wisdom of God to earth, the wisdom of life itself, so you and I can find the treasure within ourselves when on the earth plane, so we can know the pathway to heal ourselves, to find the love that we have received from our Father, that he reveals to us on earth, that he has given to us unconditionally. Everyone has the same opportunity on earth to find the knowledge of their Father because it is revealed to us in Mother Nature, and that is open for all.

I have a mission on earth, I know that I have to tell the truth of life, that there is no death, that we are eternal beings, that we are on earth to find and to learn the truth of life so we can acquire the knowledge of heaven on earth, so we know that we are equal, that we must share and bring quality of life to everyone, to bring our wealth to the world for all. Egoism does not build a treasure within yourself; it builds emptiness, and when you come to this world beyond, you will come emptyhanded when you do not have love for your brothers and sisters. So heighten yourself spiritually when on earth, bring love and charity to all, be a helping hand wherever you can, bring love on your pathway.

My guide, my dear friend, holds me in his hands, and says to me: “My dear friend, I will stand by you, I will be close by, I will give my thoughts from heaven to you, when you walk on the earth plane, I will give everything of myself so you can find the truth of life. Let us together bring comfort and love to the earth plane, let us make a difference, you and I let us pray to our Father that his light becomes part of our mission:

“Father; let your light fulfil our hearts with love, let your blessings rest upon the work that we give of ourselves to our brothers and sisters in love for your creation. Let us be your hands of love on earth, Amen.”

I fold the letter and keep it close to my heart in this period where I am waiting for the daylight, for opening my eyes in your world to see your daylight, to bring my smile and my comfort to my parents on earth.

Children on earth are the love, the creation of your Father. He reveals himself in every child that opens its eyes in your world and our world.

You have been reading the letter of a spirit that wants to contribute, that wants to make a difference on the earth plane, let this letter remind you of your own letter that you wrote before you came to the earth plane. I can assure you that you wrote the word ‘love’, that you wanted to bring the love from your Father so you could heal yourself, so you could heal the world.

Many will say that: “I cannot remember writing a letter. I cannot remember where I came from. Well, my friend, you can ask for guidance, your guide is close by, the guide that has been part of your life, that has been trying to influence you to do your uttermost, to bring your hands of love to your world. Pray and ask for enlightenment, for the guidance, for healing yourself, for healing your world. It is just a small step that you need to bring to your world to make a huge difference. You can make a difference by bringing the knowledge of life to just one person, but I am sure that you want to bring the knowledge to many, so you can take part in raising yourself spiritually, so the truth of life can come forth. You can be a light, even a very small light will help, and you are taking part in the mission, the great mission to raise your world towards the love of your Father, the love that he brought to you and everyone on the earth plane, that they have forgotten, that they have lost in their materialism where the earthly passions and wealth have taken dominance of their minds. But there is always a turning point and you can always change in behaviour. It is not too late. Every effort will be worthwhile, every effort to bring love to your fellow beings.

In your world, inequality is due to selfishness; selfishness of people that have more then they need for a comfortable life. Inequality is a hindrance of the wellbeing of your world, so in every effort that you make, share with others so you can bring equality to your life, and that in turn will show the way for others. They will see that equality between people will give the right conditions for their wellbeing, for the world’s wellbeing.

Remember this, my friend. When you become a father or mother on the earth plane, and when you stretch your hands towards your little child, remember that this child has returned from heaven to show you the love, the love that it wants you to have, that it wants to bring to your world. It is your responsibility to help your child to achieve their mission to become love himself or herself, and by doing so you have made a difference.

Make a difference, make a better world, and make a better life. Make your letter that you wrote in heaven come true. Write a letter when on earth and appraise your life and write down what you have accomplished so you can bring this letter to heaven when you leave this earth plane, a letter that should end with the same word, as you started your letter in heaven, ‘Love’ ‘Love for all children on earth’. God bless you, my friend.

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