41. Amen

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God’s love is for everyone.
We are all equal, all human beings,
We are all children of God.

The little children, the next generation,
They live in hope for a better world,
For your love to create peace on earth,
For your love to heal the world.

See the little children, crying, hungry, poor,
God’s love is for them,
Let your love and care share the resources and wealth,
You are all equal.

The little children tell you to share your love amongst them,
To wipe away the tears of inequality.
The little children ask for your love to save the world from climate change,
From destroying the land of the misfortunate.

The little children pray to God that you make decisions for the world,
For this beautiful blue planet,
To create a world of love,
To create a world in peace,
To care, share and love everyone,
Because the little children see that they are one family,
All brothers and sisters.

Let God’s will be done.
God’s will is love; let that be your will,
Let that be your life,
So the little children can stretch their hands to you
With beautiful flowers of love,
So the little children can go out there in the world and smile
And thank you for your love, for the world that you created for them,
A peaceful world, a happy world.


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