40. The Vital Message


The wisdom of God is love. God is love. God is unconditional love. If humankind, if people of the earth could explore within themselves, use their effort and time to find the vital message that they have within themselves, given to them by the Almighty Father, their own lives and the world itself would be like heaven on earth.

My friend, love is the vital message, love towards humanity, love towards your friends, love towards your enemies, love towards yourself, but you will never find love within yourself, if you don’t give love to others.

God wants you to find the beauty that you have within yourself. He wants you to explore yourself, your surroundings, the world, Mother Nature, the universe, where you will find the cycles of life. That is as valid for the microorganism that you cannot see with your physical eyes, as for the universe, where you have to use a telescope to see the birth of a new star. In God’s wisdom you will find the answers to life itself and to your inner being, to your spiritual self. You will know then, that you can never die, that you are an eternal being, that you are part of God, and that you are part of his Wisdom. You are expanding in knowledge, the world is progressing, and so is the universe expanding in all its beauty.

Everything in life is expanding in knowledge, and so it is with you, your spiritual self, because when you leave behind your physical body that you have used on earth to acquire knowledge, you leave the physical plane, the earth plane and join the spirit world, where you are still learning, acquiring knowledge, but in another format, another way of learning. There are always new opportunities to learn. You travel to different spheres and learn, acquire new knowledge, and when you have not learned the lesson that you were supposed to, well my friend, how do you do that on earth? You start over again, and you give yourself another chance, another pathway that you can manage, where you can acquire the wisdom that you need to raise yourself towards God, his wisdom and love.

The world has been taught the wisdom of God from ancient times. Why do you think that you in the present time were the only one that tried to explore, to find the answer to the wisdom of God? Well, I can tell you this, friend, you were not. People of the earth, humankind have always searched for God on different pathways, in different ways, and many have found within themselves the answer, the vital message which is love, love for your fellow beings, unselfishness, humbleness that beautifies your soul and that raises yourself up towards the wisdom of God, towards his unconditional love. That is the beauty that you should appreciate, that you have the wisdom of God within, and you will find that wisdom, the love that you can give to the world, you can find that beauty within yourself. Search my friend, search, and you will know that this is the only pathway, the only pathway to raise yourself from mundane things, from materialism, from the troubles of the world, so you can have peace within yourself, so you can find the peace and the love the Creator wanted you to find, so you can be part of his consciousness, of God’s consciousness, which is unconditional love, the mightiest force in the universe, the vital message for the world.

Love is all there is, love is everything, love will raise your self towards the being that you yourself ever wanted to be, your spiritual self, the bright light that shines upon the earth, the bright star of love from the universe.

Christ showed the way, he was a bright light, and he was the bright star. Many people, many human beings have sacrificed their lives and been a bright star for others to follow. You yourself can be a bright star for others to follow. Serve love, unselfish yourself, help wherever you can, humble yourself, give of yourself, and let the least fortunate come first. Let the bright light shine upon the earth, the wisdom of God. Let love prevail, let love predominate yourself. Paint yourself in love, paint your world in love.

This is the vital message, my friend.

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