40. Love


Love is everything.
The leaf of a tree formed as a heart,
Formed as your own heart,
Made by love.

A creation, a symbol of love,
The green leaf, there for you to study,
There for you to see within yourself,
There for you to reflect on the tree itself,
All made perfect.

Many hearts brought alive by a tree,
Hearts of love
For you to comprehend God’s wisdom,
The heart within yourself,
Brought alive by the same power as the leaf, as the tree, as nature itself.

Your heartbeats,
The love that created you keeps your heart running,
The love that gave you life, that says to your heart,
“Keep running, keep running” until I say, my friend,
A new life, a new dimension, is there for you.

In love you will find the wisdom that there is no death,
That there is only life, many lives, many dimensions, many worlds.
A life was given to you on earth,
A life brought alive, with love, by God.

He gave you life to fulfil yourself, to fulfil his love,
To bring his love to your fellow beings,
To care and share your love.

Love is all there is,
Love is in every atom, every molecule on the earth plane,
Love is the air that you breathe in, God is everywhere, God is in you,
The love that made you.

Let your life be of love, so you can fulfil yourself,
Let the beauty within shine forth,
Let your love come into being by your own hands.

Love, care, share.
Let that be your life,
As it is revealed to you by nature itself,
By Mother Earth, your blue planet.

A wonderful home for you to care for,
For you to share in your family,
Let your home be of love,
So you can create peace on earth,
God’s love, your love.

Build your heaven within when on earth,
Build your heaven by love for your fellow beings,
So your heaven within can be heaven on earth,
A heaven built by the same force, the power of love that made your self.

Let your love shine forth on earth, a meadow of love, God’s love.
The wisdom , the truth of life.

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