40. From Sorrow to Joy


What a joy it is to tell you that there is no death, that you survive your physical body, that you are an eternal being and when you leave the earth plane, you leave behind your physical body but you are still alive, you are a spiritual being, that has just opened the door to a new life, a life that you, within your mind, within your consciousness, created on the earth plane.

When you have done good deeds, when you have helped someone, when you have given love to someone, when you have done an unselfish act, when you have made friends with someone you had a dispute with, when you have brought light to someone that was in sorrow, when you have given comfort to the little child that was crying, my friend, there are many ways to fill yourself with love, with a positive mind, with a consciousness that brings you peace of mind, that brings you tranquillity and calmness on the earth plane. This consciousness that you have made for yourself becomes a reality when you leave the earth plane, when you leave your physical body behind, when you depart from this life with what you call death.

My friend, you live in a world where selfishness is creating so much despair, so much misfortune, to your fellow beings. You live in a world where you see your loved ones and dear friends pass on and leave their physical body, and the loss creates a mind of sadness. When you do not know that there is a life after this, you have sorrow in your heart, but when you have the knowledge that there is a world beyond of such beauty and love, where people that you loved so much are cared for, you will have relief from your pain. They come to a world where love and care prevails, where they will be helped and where noone is forgotten, because we are all children of God and he, as a good parent, does not leave his child, his children.

Whatever misdeeds you have done on the earth plane, you will be helped in the world beyond. But I tell you this: When you live a life where you helped and cared for your fellow beings, where you gave love, where you let others come first, then that is what you create as heaven within yourself and this treasure is what you will bring over to this side of life. Likewise, if you live a life in selfishness, well, my friend, that is what you will meet. You will meet yourself and your own consciousness in the door to the new life, and you yourself are the judge. You will judge yourself for what you made out of your life on earth, but there will always be a helping hand, always.

When you know that you are here on earth in the school of life to learn, to raise yourself spiritually, to learn to help your fellow beings, to become unselfish, to cast aside greed, vanity, the indeterminable need to be better than others, the need for power over other people, when you learn to raise yourself and conquer the passions of the earth, then you see the beauty you have within, the treasure that you can build in love so your consciousness, your mind, can be of peace.

God gave you a seed at birth, and you are here on earth to nurture this seed, to see to it that this grain becomes a beautiful treasure that you can bring along to the spirit world and, my friend, that is the only luggage that you can bring along when you leave your physical body.

Make your life a beautiful pathway. Know that you cannot die. Know that you can open a door to a paradise that you yourself have created when on earth. Know that your loved ones and your dear friends are waiting for you on the other side, and that you will meet someday. Make your sorrow into joy. Because when you come to this side, there is no more earthly sorrow, there is only pure joy, pure love. And this you can also have on the earth plane when you live a life in love for your fellow beings. When you fill your mind, you fill your self, you fill your heart, with love and you find a joy within yourself that creates calmness of mind. When you know, when you climb the ladder of spirituality, you receive the wisdom of God within and knowledge dispels fear.

Knowledge gives you peace of mind. We bring you love. We can meet on the Bridge of Love. We can turn your sorrow into joy. We can give you joy in heart, because we can show you that life goes on, that your loved ones and dear friends are still alive in the kingdom of God, in a life where love is the source of being, where you see that God truly is part of your life, part of your inner being, and where you can meet the power of your Father in Heaven within yourself, and know that you are his child, one of his children, and you can be in his light.

What a wonderful message we have for the world, what wonderful joy we can bring to the world. You can with your human nature bring love to your world. You can heal your world. You can raise your world from sorrow to joy with love.

You were given the seed of love from God at birth. It is your duty in life to nurture this seed, to create love within yourself, so you can give love to your fellow beings and pour love on your pathway in life.

Your world is in sorrow. Your world is in despair. People of the earth make your world by their thoughts and acts. You have cruelty, you have hunger and you have war. People of the earth do not have the knowledge of life, life itself, that you cannot die, that you are all eternal beings, that there is a life after your physical death. Bring this message to the world; because this message can heal your world. This knowledge, this wisdom, can heal your world and bring joy.

You can conquer the sorrow of your world by bringing in love and understanding and by making your world unselfish. You can bring joy to this world. You are all children of God. He is the good parent. He never leaves you. Have trust in God. God is love, unconditional love, and love is the key to healing your world, to bringing joy and happiness to your world.

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