40. Egoism and Greed


When we look upon your world, we see your world in a mist of selfish desire, of selfinterest, of thoughts that are of materialistic behaviour, behaviour focused on possession and wealth, the need for acquiring material fortune in your world. People desire richness that is of the material world, and they look upon gold and diamonds as precious treasures in their lives. Diamonds are beautiful to watch, diamonds can be polished in such beautiful forms, so as to reflect the light into such beautiful colours, but my friend that should give you an expression of yourself. You can be this precious diamond, you can be this treasure, you can build this treasure within yourself, and you do not build this treasure by selfishness, by egoism, by greed, by selfinterest, by behaving in a manner where you set yourself first and forget about your brothers and sisters on the earth plane.

My friend, egoism and greed are passions of the earth, of the material plane, that you are here to understand, that you are here to master in your life in such a way that you can see that selfinterest, that selfishness, that egotistical behaviour is of no value, no real value to yourself. You can acquire and own all the wealth of your world, all the gold and diamonds of your world, but by this you cannot find your true self, your treasure in life, when you concentrate your mind on the material things in life, on the material possessions in life. They are there only to bring you harmony, comfort, a sustainable life, they are there for you to share with your fellow beings, they are there for you to gain the truth of life, to find the precious jewel within yourself. You are a spirit and this spirit is of God, and when you fill yourself with the spirit of heaven, when you fill yourself with love, with love for the children of the earth, then you will be on your pathway towards your heaven within yourself, the heaven that is not of the material kind, but of the spiritual kind.

Heaven within is the treasure of your world, it is beyond the beauty of the diamond and the shining gold, it is beyond what you can acquire of material goods on the earth plane. People of the earth must share with each other. You are all children of the Almighty Father and you are all of the same importance. You see, my friend, your Father gave you life here on earth in a physical body to help your brothers and sisters and to find the treasure within yourself, to build the heaven of love that you can foster in your material life. You see, all the passions are there for you to raise yourself, to heighten your spiritual self, and when you acquire the knowledge, the wisdom of God, material possessions will vanish for your eyes, because they have no more value than to sustain you and your family, and to bring comfort to your lives on earth.

Pride and vanity are of the negative sort. They are material passions that bring misfortune to you and to others, because they set you apart from other beings. That is selfinterest; that is egoism. Selfishness and greed cause hatred, anger and jealousy in your world, the misbehaviour of your world. God gave you the resources of your world to share with each other, to find the love that he has for you, that you are here to give to the world, so you can build heaven on earth. Selfishness is the major obstacle for your wellbeing and for all, because when you forget about yourself, when you see the needs of others and bring charity to all, you have found the wisdom of God, you have found your true self, because within yourself is where you will find the key to solve conflicts in your world, conflicts that are causing suffering and misbehaviour due to egoism and their greed.

Let these words of selfishness be replaced by love, love for all, let these words of selfishness be of negative value in your vocabulary, look at these words as misfortune, look at these words as expressions of dishonour. Leave these passions and replace them with love in your heart, the only way to find peace in your world, to find peace within yourself, to find the love that your Father gave you at birth, the love that he gives you every day when you use your hands to help your fellow beings, when you use your hands in love for your brothers and sisters on earth.

Know this, my friend: that the treasure of life is within yourself, it is the heaven that you create out of love, as your Father has created you and your world out of love. You can watch the beauties that he has revealed to you in yourself when you see your children, the beautiful and loving children that you so dearly love, the beautiful Mother Nature that gives you such wonderful creations of flowers, of colours. Look upon the sky, the blue heaven that reflects itself in the ocean, look upon the rays of the sun that reflects itself in the water on a beautiful day, the water that gives you life, that gives your blue planet its paradise. But you must know yourself, you must find the wisdom of God to see this paradise on earth, you must lift your eyes above the material things in life, and feel the oneness with your Creator, with the love that he gave to his creation.

Remember, you are of God, you are a spirit, an eternal being, and you are here to contribute with love to the creation of your Father. Egoism and greed do not contribute to a world of peace and love.

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