40. Always There


My friend, you are never alone. You are a spirit of God, you are created by his hands of love. God is omnipresent, is transcendental, he is everywhere above, under your feet, to the left and the right, behind you, in front of you, he is the air that you breathe in. You are alive in your physical body due to this force, due to this power of love that is of God. When you watch Mother Nature, you see all her beauties; the animals, the nature, the wonders that you can perceive with the various colours of her creation. All in perfect order, all dependent on each other in that value chain that is made by love for your planet earth, your wonderful planet that is just in exact position to the sun so you can enjoy the warmth and the nutrition that the sun brings your soil and yourself. All is perfect, all has been made perfect for you to find yourself, to walk the school of life on the earth plane, so you can enhance yourself spiritually, so you can find the wisdom that is just in front of you, that you can see with your physical eyes, that you can sense by your smell, that you can listen to when the birds are singing tunes of heaven to you every morning, during the day, and when you look up and see they fold out their wings, they give you the sign that there is a wisdom behind the creation, the creation of love.

Always there when you bring this thought to your mind, that you are never alone, that your Creator is right there when you ask for his presence, for his love, then, my friend, he is there and brings you comfort, he is there to show you the path to follow, giving you advice that you should take into consideration when you walk your path on this material plane.

Ask for his guidance, ask for his wisdom and it will be given to you, it will be revealed to you because then you open your eyes, then you open your spiritual self, and nature will bring you the answers, the answers to life, why you are here, why life on earth is so important for your evolvement, for you to be right here. My friend, you were brought to this world by love and you are here to bring this love to the earth plane, to your fellow beings, so you can be the hands of your Creator, be the hands of his creation, be the hands of love, so you can fulfil yourself, so you can become in oneness of this beautiful, wonderful love, that created all there is, that created you and I.

Raise your sight above the material mundane things. Raise your sight towards the wisdom that is revealed to you, that is given to you during daylight by the sun, in nature and within yourself. Your brothers and sisters reveal to you that you are not alone, that you were made as a child in this big family on earth, because you are all children of the same Father, the same Mother, the same God.

Beautify yourself by bringing love into your life, by giving of yourself, because that is the path towards God, towards his wisdom, towards the beauty of life, towards the treasure that you can build within yourself, the treasure of love, heaven within.

Always there, always with you in your struggle, always there giving you comfort, always there when you search, when you search within yourself, when you search on your pathway in life. When you walk the school on the earth plane, you will walk on a stony road. The stones are there to enhance your self, they are there for you to move away, so you can have a clear and beautiful path behind you where the flowers will bloom, where you will find a beautiful meadow of flowers that you yourself made by meeting the struggles with tolerance and love. My friend, you can make a beautiful pathway of love on the earth plane. Your path will meet other people’s pathways and they will look upon your garden that you have made and reflect on how you made your life in love, in love for your fellow beings, because that is the only way towards happiness, towards peace of mind, towards the beauty of life. Love is your beauty in life, that is where God is, that is where you will find paradise, paradise within yourself. God is revealed to you in his glory when you find yourself in the meadow of love on earth and in heaven because the treasure is within.

God is love. God is unconditional love. Always there, like the sun, shining upon you every day, giving you nutrition, giving you warmth, made perfect for your planet earth, for you to sustain life, for you to find his love for you all. Be a revelation yourself, because when you have the wisdom of God, you can be a light, a light for others. You can bring the knowledge, you can behave in such manner that you yourself become love, so you can be and set an example for others to follow, because when you have the wisdom of God, you have the truth and you can show the way.

Know this my friend: God is there, always there waiting for you to call upon him, for you to ask for his light so your pathway can shine upon the earth, so you yourself become a star, a star that shines so bright that you yourself fulfil the creation and his love for humanity and for Mother Nature, for the love that he brought to you, to your world, the creation of love.

God is always there. Love is always there because the creation is love, and you are part of the creation.

Beautify yourself by bringing love into your life, by giving of yourself, because that is the path towards God, towards his wisdom, towards the beauty of life, towards the treasure that youcanbuild within yourself, the treasure of love, heaven within.

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