4. The Spiritual Being

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The spirit inside us makes us a spiritual being. It is a seed that has been planted inside you by the Almighty spirit, and we are part of this wonderful love that is of God. When on earth you only see your physical body in the mirror, but you have a spiritual counterpart. How can there be a second body you may ask? The second body is of a spiritual nature and something you cannot see with your physical eyes.

There is much in this world, this physical world that you cannot see with your physical eyes. When you invented the microscope on earth you saw a world, a new world of creatures that you never knew existed. This world of small creatures was as real as yourself, but you couldn’t see them. So it is with the spirit world. It is of another vibration, a vibration that you cannot see, a vibration similar to electricity. You know that electricity is there, but you cannot see the power before it reaches the light bulb. You have a power within yourself, and this power is what makes your physical body alive. This power is your spirit.

When it comes to your mind that you have this power within yourself, the power that is part of God, the power that created the seed within, that makes you a human being, that makes you alive in the physical world, and when you explore with your mind, that love towards your friends, family and fellow beings makes something special in yourself, and you are in interaction with that spirit that you have within, then you have reached your spiritual awareness. Then you will feel that when you cast aside selfishness and increase the love in yourself towards others, you will find the calmness of mind.

In fact, when you give nutrition, the spiritual food, to this seed, to the spiritual being inside yourself, then your spiritual being becomes more powerful in your life. In time it takes over the passions of the physical body, passions of selfishness. You will place yourself behind, replace your needs for excess with the needs of others that you can help. By giving love and charity to others, you will help yourself. You will nurture your spiritual being and become a beauty within, a beauty you can be proud of, a beauty that will be crowned by the Almighty in love for your fellow beings, in love for humanity. That is your ultimate destination with your spiritual being, which is part of God.

Think of this, my friend. You have God inside yourself. As Christ said: “You have heaven within”, and “my Father and I are one”. Christ knew the way, he knew the truth and he was a light for others to follow, and so can you be a light for others by sharing love and by giving of yourself.

Love, unselfish love, unconditional love is what you should strive for in life. Let love reign over your heart and your physical being. Let your spiritual being shine forth in love for your fellow beings.

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