4. The Law of Causality


“In the beginning God created heaven and earth” so you have from your scriptures. God is transcendental. God is the supreme force behind everything there is. God is the uncaused, because he is the Almighty Spirit, the eternal power, that you are part of, as you are as an eternal spirit and in oneness of.

God created the universe. God created the earth, the sun, all the stars, all the galaxies, what you term heaven. God has always been, as you yourself have, my friend, because you are of God. But your present self, your physical self, is the effect of a cause, and the cause is your history, an antecedent life, and you are here on earth to evolve and develop yourself, your spiritual self, and that is why you chose to return to earth for attending to the lessons of materiality, so you can have the experience of all the passions of the earth, so you can have the experience of the material plane to learn even more and to expiate earlier errors that you have made. You are here for a definite reason my friend. You are here for a mission that you preplanned before you came to the earth level, but you cannot, with your physical mind, understand and comprehend your journey before you raise yourself spiritually.

From your scriptures, you have the saying of Christ, that “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, neither can a rotten tree produce good fruit”, and that is cause and effect. The scriptures have the same lesson, the same law in their sayings, the cause must come before any effect; the cause must be an antecedent to the effect. That is the universal law, the law of causality. It is not only from your scriptures, it is of the spirit world, and it is of God. It is the law that rules the universe that rules everything there is, that rules your self your eternal spiritual self.

You cannot escape from your earlier life, from your earlier errors, if you have not expiated and redeemed them. You see, everything must be in order; every atom in the universe is in its place, because it is ruled by cause and effect. And God has given you the opportunity to reenter the material world once more for mastering the passions of the earth, for bringing love to the earth level, so you can find yourself, so you can help your family on earth, because you are all children of the same family, of the same Father and Mother in the universe, the same universal spirit, the same God. And God is love and you are here because of his love for you, as one of his children, because he is the good parent. He wishes you well, and he gives you another chance to rectify yourself, so you can find your true self.

Spirituality is of God.
Spirituality is divinity.
Spirituality is love.
Spirituality is charity.
Spirituality is the reality of life.
Spirituality is your true self.
Spirituality is forgiveness, humbleness and unselfishness.
Spirituality is the heaven within yourself, when God beautifies it by his love, by your own true self in love for humanity and Mother Nature.

But the reality is there as a cause for climbing the ladder of spirituality. Spirituality can be the effect of your true self finding yourself, where you see that love is the beauty that you should attain towards becoming one with the consciousness of your Father in heaven.

When you live your life here on the material plane, everything that you perform, every task that you have on your agenda, has a cause, and all the work you are performing is the effect. So, in fact, my friend, you are yourself the law. You yourself can use this law in life to master your true self, to master and raise your inner self, to master your life on earth in every aspect, because you know the law, you know that the law is cause and effect. You cannot escape from the law, it is inescapable, and when you know this then life is more transparent for you. Then you will see why things are happening, and you will understand and comprehend more of life.

When you meet a disaster in your world, it has a cause, and you yourself can find the cause. God is love and everything that sees the daylight has a cause, and it is human error.

If a meteor is hitting the ground, you say to yourself, with the law of causality in mind: “Well, it cannot be our fault, our cause?” No, my friend, of course not, but the meteor is part of the universe, and it was supposed to be in that place at that moment in time, because everything is in order, everything is of God, everything is there to happen when it is happening. You sometimes do not understand and comprehend why, but it is the law of cause and effect, causes that you cannot comprehend in your present situation, in your present condition, but one day you will understand why all things are happening. But remember, my friend, that God is love, and God has given the law. God knows that the law of cause and effect is for your own good, for he is the good parent that wants the best for his children, for every one of you. He takes and he gives because that is his love for you, so you can raise yourself in spirituality, so you can find the truth of life, so you can find peace of mind, so you can find love within yourself, the love that your Father gave you at birth to develop and to nourish to find your true self, so you could come back to him when you had accomplished your school in life, accomplished your tasks in love for your brethren, for humanity on earth, so you can join his beauty and love in heaven, so you can comprehend, so you can have the wisdom of his creation.

With your physical eyes, you cannot see the effect you are creating with your thoughts, but you truly do have an effect on your sphere of life. You can bring comfort to this sphere by your own effort, by bringing in love to your inner self, by connecting yourself to God and his love, and shine forth with love and charity on your pathway. You have an effect on the earth plane that you cannot see. You have an effect on the atoms and the molecules in the air. You are a replica of your surroundings, because you are the cause of your own atmosphere.

The law of cause and effect is there for you to master in life, so you can raise yourself in spirituality, so you can know that love, forgiveness, humbleness and unselfishness will transform yourself, will beautify yourself. That would be the effect, the result of your own spirituality, your own remembrance of your past childhood with your parent in heaven, with God, your own life, your eternal life.

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