4. The beauty within


Within, you are a beauty that most of you do not understand. There you will find the seed of the Almighty that he has planted inside you. It is there for your development, and for your nourishment. The only thing that will make it grow is love and awareness that you are a spiritual being. God has given you free will, so you have the option to do the good things in life, but also bad things. Think good thoughts and you will expand the seed inside you with the positive reinforcement. This will bring you love which is the mightiest force in the universe. God will start operating in you.

When you have good thoughts in your mind, then these good thoughts are also influenced and inspired by spirits on this side that want you well. They are standing by, waiting for the flickering of your soul, and when they see the light inside you, which is love, they will work with you for your own peace and tranquillity. The other side of you, the bad thoughts will attract spirits from this side that inspire bad thoughts. So my friend, it is important to concentrate on the good thoughts.

In your world there is much selfishness, greed and the urge for power. All of these are of the negative sort. Yes, we know that you need to sustain life, but that’s not selfishness.

The power is in you to overcome all the negative thoughts. Love for your neighbour, your fellow beings, is the key to your spiritual journey.

You reap as you sow, and when you think of us with love, you will reap inspiration from our world, strengthening your thoughts of love. We know that loving your fellow beings is not a simple thing in your world, because there is so much negative that exists in your world that creates a barrier for you. This is something you need to penetrate and overcome.

Your world is overshadowed with negative thinking. People are seeking power over other people in selfishness and in greed for material things. That’s the main cause of the disasters in your world. If there were only pure love in your minds, you world would be a nice place for everyone where you could live in peace and love together.

We are here to help you, but then you will have to seek for the highest. Wherever you go, plant a seed of love and peace, and you will surely receive the blessings from this side, the inspiration from higher beings and from angels that are the purest of love.

Start today with your spiritual endeavours. We see so very well on this side that what you create in your mind on your side, you surely receive on this side. You have heaven within you, but you have also the option for a darker side, and it is entirely up to you what path you would like to follow. We want love for all of you, for all human beings on earth. We make no classification. Destroy the negative side of yourself by reaching for the highest, for the Almighty, letting him shine inside you. Think positive thoughts, think love towards your fellow beings, forgive, be patient with others and let your kindness shine from you. Nourish goodness into your mind, which is the only thing you can bring over to this side. There, are your personality and your character.

Today you can make a turn. There is a way to conquer yourself, and that is through charity. All the errors you have made can be erased, can be corrected, by charity. Do good to others, and in time the good things you have done will overshadow your errors. This is the same that we have to do on this side, to correct our mistakes in your world, because we as human beings all do mistakes, and we have to correct them to move forward. Know also that it is so much easier to correct errors when you are on earth. Then when you come to this side, it´s so much easier for you.

Listen to my advice, my friend, start today helping others and you will in time enjoy your inner being, the heaven inside you, which can be filled with love and peace and no other things. Then when you come to this side, you will enjoy a world, a beauty without description, a nature that is more real then you ever in your present condition can understand, all the good things in life you appreciate.

Open the door for us, and we will help you. We will inspire you to do the good things, but you will have to know that we are here close by, your friends that you love. We all want you well. We come to you as humble human beings, now spirits. The only difference is that we do not have the physical body, but we have a replica, which is much lighter and with a much higher vibration.

Prepare yourself my friend, cultivate the seed that has been planted in you by the Almighty, and nourish it by love, by helping others, by showing kindness, leaving behind selfishness, greed, vanity, the need for being better then others and the need for power. We wished the world could see what we see from our side, what you need to do to make your world a better place for everyone.

Now, you know what you need to do. You can be a light for others; you can make a difference in your world. Be a light and show the way for others. Show them the truth of being. God is love, and we are all of the same picture. He made us in his picture.

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