4. Stormy Weather

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A windy day,
The ocean is going white,
A rainy day,
A day when nature reveals itself
And its strong attributes of chaotic elements of earth,
The wind accelerates,
The rain never stops falling from the sky,
The rain even becomes heavier,
The low pressure can be felt within your physical self,
The clouds are running above you in a hurry,
The trees are shaking,
It seems like the world itself is shaking in its very ground.
My friend, stormy weather is reality.

Stormy weather is there for you to comprehend Earth,
And its behaviour is there for you to find an insight into yourself,
Because stormy weather is part of your own life,
As it is on the surface of the earth plane.

Stormy weather gives you the wisdom for your own life;
How to shield yourself,
How to prepare yourself,
How to find the reason behind the evolvement of weather, of yourself,
Because the storm that you are experiencing has a reason:
Climate change.
The increase of temperature in the ocean creates heavy stormy weather,
Climate change will show how the earth will behave towards you,
Caused by your own misdeeds towards nature itself.

Your blue beautiful planet is there for you to raise your self,
To find your true self.
That is exactly what you find when you behave towards nature
As you behave towards yourself.
When you do misdeeds towards your fellow beings
The cause will have an effect.
That is the law of the universe,
That is the law of the earth,
That is the law of your self.

Stormy weather.
Is there for you to comprehend in nature and within your self.
My friend, you can prepare yourself for stormy weather,
You can prepare your earth for a better environment,
For creating the conditions for nature in a better way,
Because you have the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of your self.

Stormy weather.
Is there for you to master in life,
Is there for you to care for your fellow beings.
It is all about care,
It is all about taking precautions,
Taking precautions for all, and not only for yourself
But also for the poor, the misfortunates that cannot shield themselves,
That cannot be claimed responsible for the climate change itself.

Stormy weather.
Let that remind you of what you see in nature.
When the wind is difficult to stand against,
When you see the white ocean,
When you feel the heavy rain in your face,
When you see the dark clouds in heaven, in a hurry,
Then think about your brethren, your fellow beings all over the world
Because, my friend, you are one big family,
And you are here to care for every soul on the earth plane.

Care, Share, love.

Let stormy weather be a reminder for your own evolution,
For the evolution of Planet Earth.

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