4. Humanity

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What a wonderful creation you are, that we all are. You are a spirit. We are spirits of God. And when you came to the world, God gave you all the facilities that you need to perform your tasks, your duties, your mission on the earth plane. He gave you these facilities within your human body. He gave you your eyes for your sight so you can see his revelations, so you can see the splendour of the universe, so you can view the colours, the colours of the rainbow in the sky, so you can know that his creation is made for you in all its beauties, in all its varieties. He gave you life; he gave you the sun for your nourishment, for you to reflect the light, for you to see the colours of your world. Imagine, my friend, what kind of instrument you have for your sight. It is of God, and cannot be made by humans, it is God-­‐made. And so it is with your intellect and your senses, your hearing, your smell, your taste, and all the elements of your body, the heart, the lungs that give you the feeling of being part of your earthly atmosphere, breathing in the oxygen, and giving the plants the nutrition for their well-­‐being, the carbon dioxide. The heart reflects the drum of the universe, always there, always there given to you as heartbeats from your Creator, so you can keep your physical flesh alive.

The spirit of God drives your body, the spirit that you have within yourself. With your hands, arms and feet you can work and bring food to your fellow beings, to yourself and to your family on earth. Everything is provided for. It is a creation that is beyond your comprehension. It is of God it is of love. It is made out of the same elements as the stars. It is made by the universal love, the unconditional love of your Father in heaven.

People take their human bodies for granted. They should take care of this sacred temple of their spirits, and not profane this covenant, this love, that they have received from their Father. But people of the earth, when they are focused on material things and cannot lift their eyes towards the spiritual aspect of life, the spiritual being that they truly are as spirits of God, they lose sight of themselves, they lose sight of the wonderful creation that they are, that they have been given by God in love for them to enhance themselves spiritually.

When you see the daylight of this world, as a man or woman, you are made by God in his wisdom for you to walk the school of life on the earth plane, so you can meet the passions of the material plane, so you can
learn, so you can see right and wrong in this world, so you can see that selfishness is of the savage and not of the human kind because you as brothers and sisters are here on earth to share resources, you are one big family, one big human family and that is humanity.

You are spirits of God. Manifesting yourself here on earth you have brought love from your Father to the earth plane, the love from the universe, the love that has created all. You have manifested humanity on the earth plane when you give birth to the next generation. You fulfil your tasks as parents, you fulfil the task of your heavenly Father, your heavenly Mother, your Creator. What a tremendous responsibility you have as a parent. You are here to bring love to this Planet Earth, you are here to raise humanity spiritually, so you all can learn from materiality, so you can see right from wrong. Because you are all children of the same Father, of the same creator, you are one. Even so, my friend, even so, people of the earth misbehave towards the creation. Hatred, anger, selfishness, greed, vanity, profanity is of the earth, of the material passions, and they are there for you to master in life, so you can bring humanity to a higher level. It is not a revolution; it is an evolution that you are partaking in, every one of you, every child on the earth plane. You have come to this earth with different missions, you have come to this earth of different spirituality, because you are all climbing the ladder towards God, towards his love, his love for you all. We are here to tell you the truth that you are spirits of God, that there is no death, that you are eternal beings, that you are here on the earth plane to learn, to learn life, but you are also here to raise your world, to make a better world, to heal your world, to bring the love of heaven to the earth plane.

Humanity is of God, is of love. It is time to reflect on your self, on humankind and see what you do unto each other. Inequality in your societies brings misfortune. Equality and humanity is of the same, is of the wisdom of God. Share the resources of your world and bring humanity to a higher level, to a higher consciousness, the consciousness of love for all. Because, my friend, God is love, God is unconditional love, and his consciousness and wisdom are there for you to attain when you have raised yourself spiritually, when you have found the secret within yourself, the beauty that he gave you at birth, the seed of love. My friend, love is the secret, and it is there for you to pour over your pathway in life, for you to contribute to a better world, to a better place for humanity on earth.

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