4. Fear Yourself


My friend, you are on the earth plane as part of your evolution, as a spirit, as a spiritual being. The earth plane is a perfect place for education. It is a place where you have all the passions from love to selfishness. You are here to learn, to study the behaviour of yourself and others, to gain experience and to raise yourself, to go deep into the various elements of life, to find truly the love and the seed that you received at birth from your Father in heaven, the love that you should build up and nurture within yourself, and give and help others. You are here on earth to discipline yourself, to master selfishness and to control your own behaviour. This is the school of life, where you are given the opportunity to find the truth of life, even though it is hidden from you at first, but when you search and fulfil yourself in the school of life, you will find the answers in nature, you will find the answers to all your questions in Mother Nature, you will find the answers to your questions in the behaviour of people and in the nature of your self, the human being that you are.

Look at yourself: You have eyes so you can see, you have ears so you can listen, and you have a tongue so you can speak. My friend, be careful with the words that are coming out of your mouth, because the words are of substance that you send out, first of all to your fellow beings, but also to the consciousness of your world. You were given all the senses for the school of life on earth, so you can master yourself. Use them well.

As a little child, your instincts and the directions that you received from your surroundings, first and foremost from your mother and father, drove you. The character that they gave you from your early childhood, gave you the building blocks within yourself, building blocks of love, of discipline, of responsibility; the building blocks of social behaviour towards your friends and family, how to treat them and how to behave. You were given all the building blocks for being part of the society. Now, that was if you were given such an opportunity, where you father and mother raised you in love and gave you the necessary training in life. When you attended school, your peers and teachers influenced you, and you could look back at your upbringing as a little child, and you would see if you were given the right conditions, the right character, and the right building blocks from your parents. In school you learned more of your character and the character of others. Yes, you learned how to behave in life.

If you were given the pathway towards love, with a responsible behaviour, with a behaviour where you learned friendliness, where you learned to control your selfishness, where you learned to help others, where all the building blocks of life were there to help to raise yourself to a decent and responsible person, a person that saw that love is the foremost building block in life, then you have received a good training ground for your future life. With this position in life, your parents had done their mission for you as a child, then the school had done its mission for you in life.

Now, when you have completed your occupational education, you are ready for your next step in life, the work ground. There are many different occupations and pathways in life and you have received, every one and each of you, the seed within yourself that gives you the different kinds of flowers that are needed within the earth life, the working life on earth. As it is with Mother Nature, you have different flowers, different trees, and different living beings that all contribute to the whole, and so it is with human beings, we all contribute to the whole with different occupations and tasks in life.

No occupation is more important than other occupations. All are equally important, if that is as a cleaner, a construction worker, a lawyer, a dentist, a teacher, a secretary or a waitress. All do the works of the earth, and all are equally important to make the whole, to make your world function. When you can fulfil yourself and find work where you contribute to the whole, then you have found a mission on earth.

Know within your life that passions are there. Know this when you ask yourself, “Am I doing the right things in life? Do I behave towards others, as I would like them to behave towards me?” You have to ask yourself these questions many times in life. That is your control post. That is where you evaluate yourself, your own behaviour. If you feel that you do something to other human beings, living beings, or to Mother Nature, that is wrong, that is caused by your selfishness, then, my friend, you must correct your behaviour. That is the time when you will have the question of fearing yourself, because what you do to others you do to yourself. If you hurt someone, physically or mentally, you are doing the same to yourself, to your own consciousness.

What others are doing to you, how others misbehave towards you, is something that you can protect yourself from, because you can humble yourself and raise yourself above the misbehaviour of your world. You can raise yourself from selfishness, you can control and master the passions of the earth, and you can control your own behaviour. Do not fear others that cannot hurt your spiritual being. They can hurt your physical being, but you can protect yourself, you can take precautions, both for your physical and spiritual being.

Foremost, fear yourself, because you create your own future. When you are kind towards others, you build up kindness within yourself, when you give love to others, you build up love within yourself, when you show friendliness towards others, you build up friendliness within yourself, when you share and give charity to others, you build up this treasure of charity and kindness within yourself. You see, what you do to others, you do unto yourself.

If you are misbehaving towards others and only think about yourself, you create emptiness within, and you will go emptyhanded towards the spirit world. We are telling you the facts of life, we are not telling you stories to scare you, we are telling you the truth. You yourself can make a beautiful treasure within yourself, and you create this treasure by love, by giving of yourself, by charity, by love for others.

Your scriptures have many sayings that are of love, but people have forgotten. They are drowned in their material weaknesses. The material world is a wonderful school of life so you can learn, but the material world is not to gain possessions, to raise yourself above others in wealth in material terms, no, my friend, the school of life on earth is to raise yourself spiritually, to gain experience from the material world where you have all the passions that are there for you to control and master.

Your Father in heaven gave you the opportunity to live your life here on earth. Yes, you returned to earth by your own choice and will, but you saw yourself that you needed to come back, either to learn yourself or to take care of others. You see, there are many reasons for why you return to earth from the spirit world and for where you will return when you have accomplished the school of life here on earth.

My friend, if you follow the pathway of love, you have nothing to fear. You do not have to fear yourself when you follow the path of love, of unselfishness and of charity, when you help wherever you can, when you live a life of decency, and where you are kind and friendly towards your fellow beings.

You have nothing to fear my friend, nothing, when you follow the path towards God and his wisdom, towards the love within the universe. When you seek and raise yourself, you are given the task to be a light for others, so they can learn from you, so you can help them to raise themselves, to raise themselves towards the beauty they can create within. We in the spirit world are here to help you. We are all one. We are all children of God, and we help each other to raise ourselves towards the beauties in life, towards love and towards God, towards peace within ourselves because when you have raised yourself, you will find peace of mind.

You yourself will have to conquer the fear of the world. When you raise yourself in love for other human beings and for Mother Nature, you will raise yourself high above fear.

My friend, love and knowledge dispels fear, and when you know the truth of life that you cannot die, that you are an eternal being, and that you are a child of God, you cannot go wrong.

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