4. Bridging the Worlds

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Love between people, love between nations and love between worlds, is in the consciousness of God, because our Father in heaven wants all his children to love each other, to live in peace, and then in turn take care of each other, share with each other and let selfishness be erased from the minds of people. There is so much selfishness in your world, and there is only one way to make people understand that love must prevail and that selfishness is the cause of despair in your world, and that is by bridging yourself in love, bridging the nations in love, bridging the worlds in love, and letting people know that they cannot die, that they are spiritual beings, that they have a soul that will live forever, and that when they die from the earth plane, they just leave their physical body behind. What people can bring with themselves to the next life is the treasure of love that they have built within themselves.

Selfishness is your responsibility to conquer. What does it gain to accumulate wealth, possessions and earthly goods when you cannot take them with you to the other side, to the spirit world, where your selfishness will be a torture to yourself, because you judge yourself, you judge your behaviour when you try to raise yourself in the spirit world towards love, towards God. So, my friend, leave selfishness behind, it is your responsibility to conquer this element of yourself, and you conquer it with love for humanity, for the people around you, for the least fortunate that you should try to help, that you should share your resources with so they can have love, so they can be fortunate enough to have food on their table, so they don’t have to go to bed at night with an empty stomach, so they can fold their hands and thank the Almighty Father for his blessings, for his answer to their prayers. You can be their answer, you can be the messenger that God sent to the earth to help them. You yourself can be God’s love that he poured into this world of yours to conquer selfishness. What a wonderful task that you have and that you can master. Break down selfishness in your world, shine within yourself, raise yourself in love for other beings, for the least fortunate. This treasure that you build up by love for others, by helping wherever you can, by charity, you will find on this side as your heaven, as your beauty within yourself. There will be a reward in the spirit world with such beauties that are unimaginable to you when on earth, and I can assure you that there will be the heaven and paradise you sought.

Selfishness in your world will not bring the heaven you sought in the spirit world. So start today my friend, start today by giving love, by forgetting about yourself, letting others come first, the least fortunate, and by bridging the worlds. It is a wonderful task that you can be part of, which can be your mission in life, a mission that will be your treasure within yourself. Build the beauty within yourself that you can be proud of, and that will be crowned by the Almighty. You yourself can build a Bridge of Love.

When people know that they are spiritual beings, when you have shown them that life goes on, when you have bridged the earth plane to the spirit world in love as Christ did, he bridged the worlds, yours and ours in love, because we are alive, we are real, we are as real as you, we are human beings in the spirit world, living beings as you are they will know that knowledge dispels fear in your world, that knowledge will lift them up where they will see and know that they will live on after their physical death.

When leaving your physical body, you will meet yourself in the door, and ask yourself: How did you live your life on earth? Did you live a life in love, a life of charity, a life where you helped the least fortunate, and did you release yourself from selfishness? Then, when you can say yes, then you will walk in to a beautiful land, God’s kingdom in heaven and enjoy your next world with your friends and family that you love.

Now, if you meet yourself in the door and ask yourself: Did you live a life of selfishness, a life where charity was far beyond your comprehension, where love for your fellow beings was not an issue, where you accumulated whatever you could of earthly possessions? If you must reply, “Yes I did”, well, my friend, then you will say to yourself: “What have I? I have nothing. Where is my treasure?” Then you will walk into the spirit world empty handed, and you will need to start and work yourself up the ladder, raising yourself, helping the victims caused by your selfishness. Even though you will meet love, because we have only love to give, your consciousness will be your judge. Start today my friend, start today to give charity, to love your fellow beings, to help others, to make yourself unselfish, to raise yourself spiritually towards God. Seek God within yourself, pray and ask for his guidance, and you are on the right pathway in life, and you don’t need to go emptyhanded when you come to the spirit world. You still have the opportunity when on earth to build the treasure within yourself, the treasure of love.

Let your mission be to bridge the worlds, bridge the love between human beings, nations and our world in love, in love for humankind. The knowledge that you survive death, that you are an eternal being, that you are responsible for your own behaviour, can change your world, can change your world to a world of love.

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