4. Acknowledge the Truth


It is springtime; watch Nature. There was decay in the wintertime, and now is the time for Nature to reveal itself. It is there for you to enjoy, for you to recognise within yourself, because you with your senses become aware of a new world, a new world of blossom that you have been waiting for, that you knew was coming to you, that you knew for certain would be revealed once again, as it is every year. You acknowledge this truth, because you see this every year with your physical eyes. My friend, that is God’s creation that he brings to you, to your sight, every year. When you bow down and fall on your knees, and you watch the wonderful flowering, and when you pick a sunflower, it smiles at you, and you touch it with your hands and you wonder, how can this come about? Well, my friend, that is the truth of life, that is the creation of God, as you with your inner senses acknowledge, because it has been revealed to you so many times during your lifetime that you take it for granted. You do not in your daily life reflect on all the creations in nature and the creation of yourself, because to your mind it is part of your life. It is part of the material world, part of the earth plane. With nature, you see, there is decay and there is blossom every year, and so it is with human beings. They leave their physical body when their time is there, and you give birth to the next generation. There is a constant evolution, and you acknowledge this fact that evolution is part of your life.

Let us place ourselves on a planet in the universe, not on earth, but a planet in your planetary system. Let us imagine that there is an atmosphere for you to survive on Mars, the red planet, the fourth planet from the sun in your solar system, then, when you are there, you will see your earth as a rather small blue planet and the sun even smaller. It is an astronomic realisation to place oneself on another planet, because then you raise yourself from the earth plane and get another perspective of space and life. The sun is a star in the universe, but to you the sun the engine of your world, the nutrition for Mother Nature, for the soil, the plants and all living beings is just there for your enjoyment of the sunlight itself. Anyhow, with this in mind, you acknowledge that you are part of a vast universe with incomprehensible distances, and your sun and planets are but one of many solar systems. Understand the creation of God, because in the universe, as it is with nature, as it is with yourself, stars are born and stars are dying. There is a constant evolution.

Now, my friend, you may ask yourself this question sometimes in your lifetime. Is there something after I leave my physical body on this earth plane? I see nature, how it brings and takes, I see that people are dying and that children are born, I know that the universe is changing even though it is at a pace that I do not understand, that I cannot perceive, that I cannot see with my physical eyes, but that, I know, is true from science.

Well, my friend, you have explored with science the material world, the earth plane and the universe, and you know the law of cause and effect, you know the truth of the material life, you know that there is decay and growth, and then it is natural to ask yourself, when you observe all this: Is there a life after my physical death? My friend, I can confirm this to you: we in the world beyond have acknowledged this truth because we ourselves, we are the evidence that there is a life after the physical death, but you have to seek to find and discover the truth yourself and there is a door that is open for you for this discovery in life, and that door is the Bridge of Love, where we can meet, where we can have communion, as you have from your scriptures, where Christ had communion with his friends on the earth plane after his physical death. He materialised for them as his ancestors had done. Abraham and Elisha materialised for Christ and his friends on Mount Sermon, as is also written in your scriptures, and that is of the truth, because that is part of God’s love for humanity, to be in communion with his creation.

On the Bridge of Love you can meet your loved ones and your friends, but you have to meet them in the right conditions, you have to meet them in love, because God is building the bridge between you in love. It is his hands and his blessing that builds the Bridge of Love.

The Bridge of Love is a meeting place between living beings because we, that are discarnate beings, that are in the world beyond, are still alive and we come to you when you ask for our presence. We come to you, and we can materialise ourselves when you have the patience and when you have set the right conditions for our presence. When you meet us on the Bridge of Love, you can acknowledge the truth because then you will see with your physical eyes that we are still alive, that your loved ones and friends, that have passed on, are still with you and can speak to you in the same manner and with the same voice as they once did on the earth plane.

The dogmas of religion have restricted the communion with the world beyond, but I can say to you, my friend, that the Bridge of Love is built by the hands of God, with his blessing, because there can be no communion without the blessing of your Father in Heaven. The dogmas of religion need to be revised because we are alive and we want you to have the same knowledge as we have in the world beyond, so your world can raise itself, so your world can leave selfishness and replace all the suffering with love love for humanity, love for every child on this earthly plane.

Investigate and do your homework before you meet us on the Bridge of Love. Take precautions and meet us in love with the blessing of our Father. Then you can acknowledge the truth, then you will have the truth confirmed in your mind, then you can tell your world that there is no death. The Bridge of Love is there for you to find the truth of life. We are waiting for you. We are waiting in God’s love, in his heaven of love, because God is love. God is unconditional love, and he does not restrict the communion between his children when that communion is in love, because love is unbreakable, love is the truth of life, love is the creative force that made you and the universe.

Do not separate yourself from the truth. Seek and you shall find the truth of life, and on the Bridge of Love, you will acknowledge the truth.

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