39. Your destiny


There are many walks of life, many pathways, but the direction in life is your decision because you have free will. This free will was given to you at birth. Then you ask yourself: What direction should I follow in life? What should I become? Where should I go? God has given you Mother Nature, and he has given you a spiritual pathway and a physical body. This pathway is for you to find, and you find this pathway in love for humanity, in love for your fellow beings, and when you unselfish yourself, when you lose yourself and by that I mean that you no longer strive for the indeterminable need for power, the power over something that should have its free will, the power where you misuse your abilities.

You make your own destiny by following a pathway in life either of the spiritual or the material kind. The material pathway where you long for possessions, where you long for gratifying yourself, where you have lost sight of other human beings that were less fortunate then yourself, then you will reap as you sowed yourself, not necessarily in this life on earth, but surely in the life to come. When you follow the path of love, the spiritual path, you will have access to the beauty within yourself, the heaven in your mind, the seed that was given to you by God, that he wanted you to nurture and to bring fruit, a seed that should give such bright light that you could shine upon the earth showing the way for others, the way to God and the wonderful paradise within, and that you will experience in full when you arrive on this side of life. You see, my friend, you yourself are the master of your destiny.

We are all children of God, and we will all travel the pathway towards God sometime, because there is no other way. That is your final destiny, even it takes aeons of time.

You may ask yourself: How could this happen? Why did God do this? When you have disasters, when you see violence, when you see that your dear ones leave earth much too early, that is part of life. God gave man free will, for you to learn, for you to give and receive love, and for you to experience. Yes, as I know, it is difficult to understand, it is difficult and painful, but when you know that death is just the opening of a new door to a new life, a wonderful life, and that you just left behind your physical body, and that you are still with your dear ones, even though they can´t see you, when you know that we are all eternal beings, that we are a spiritual being within ourselves, then you may have relief from your pain. God is love. He has given humankind free will. It is up to the people of the earth to make their own destiny. Take care of your fellow beings, help the less fortunate from the very beginning of their lives, and give love to all children. My friend, when you can see God’s love in this picture, you will know that you yourself are the master of your destiny.

We see how the earth, how Mother Nature has been and is lost in many ways due to the misuse. Materiality, materialism and people’s selfishness is the cause of the disasters of your world. Everything is connected with your behaviour on earth. Nature responds to your behaviour.

God is love, unconditional love. Use your free will for raising yourself in love for other beings, for humankind and for Mother Nature. Raise yourself towards love, towards God, for humankind, because you are part of the creation that determines your destiny.

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