39. The Beauty Within


A butterfly is flying hither and thither.
You watch the butterfly when, all of a sudden, it finds a flower
Where you, for a while, can watch one of nature´s beauties,
The colours, the form, the shape that has been given to the butterfly.

A revelation to your inner self, a revelation of love given to you in nature
For you to know that there is wisdom,
That there is a creative force behind every creature,
Behind every specimen, behind all the beauties that you can perceive,
That you can watch and enjoy with your senses,
The beauty presented to your physical eyes, the scent from the flowers,
All in perfect order, all in perfect shape, brought alive like yourself.

This force, this wisdom, this love that created all, made you as well.
Yes, my friend, you as a human being were created by the same power as
The butterfly, as the flower.
The butterfly turned itself into such a wonderful creation from a pupa.
You, my friend, can create yourself into such beauty,
Into such love that you yourself become this wonderful butterfly
That takes your breath away when it is flying hither and thither,
Its beauty, its colours.

As with the butterfly brought alive from a pupa,
So can you give your love, strengthen yourself, by caring,
Sharing and loving, and become a butterfly, a beauty yourself,
A beauty within,
A beauty filled with love.

At birth you were given life by this power of love.
God gave you life to create a beauty within you,
To nourish this seed, to find the love that he gave you,
The love that you can give to Mother Earth, to your family on earth.

What a wonderful opportunity you have to raise yourself spiritually,
To find this love that created all,
That you are part of, the beauty within.

The love that you give to others will be your heaven, heaven within,
The heaven where you can have peace of mind,
Where you can find joy and happiness,
Both on your side and my side of life.

Let your beauty within, the beauty made by love, shine forth
And be a wisdom and knowledge for your fellow beings.
Make a path on earth, a path of love for others to follow
The beauty within you.

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