39. Peace Be With You


These beautiful words have been given to you in the scriptures where Christ materialised himself before his friends, where he as a discarnate being came to them in their gathering, showing himself in human form, as a natural human being, even though he had left his physical body, even though he was not among them anymore, and Christ said to them, “Peace be with you.” In that expression he greeted them and gave them comfort, because peace is a word of comfort. Peace in your soul is of God, is of the wisdom of the spirit.

Materialisations were not uncommon to his disciples, his friends. They knew from Mount Sermon that Moses and Elijah had materialised before them, and they knew that Christ had the power to materialise himself because they were all mediums, they were all in the position to give of themselves, to give the living force to Christ so he could employ this force to materialise. This living force is known to you as Ectoplasm, as the fluid that is part of the human body and can be exuded when there are conditions of love, of contentment, of peace among friends.

Discord in such a setting would be noncompliant, would not create the right conditions for Christ to materialise. His friends were in sorrow, they were sad due to the fact that Christ had been crucified, that men in higher positions had taken him to the cross, people that did not comply with his teachings of the truth, teachings that you cannot die, that we have God within ourselves as Christ also expressed, “I and my Father are one.” Christ knew that he was a spirit, that he was of God, and so are you my friend; you can be one with your Father when you become love yourself, as Christ became love in his earthly life. In that room darkness prevailed, lighting was low, and they were grieving the loss of a dear friend, and that gave the right conditions for materialisation.

As you have from your scriptures, Thomas, the doubter, was not in the same position as James, Peter and John who had experienced materialisation on Mount Hermon, so Christ materialised in another gathering where Thomas was present. Christ knew about his doubt, so he showed his hands and his wounds and said to him: “Feel my hands, feel the penetration of the nail, and feel the hole from the sword” and Thomas did, and there he experienced the truth of life, that we from the spirit world can materialise and form and express ourselves as we were on the earth plane. Of course, Christ did not have the wounds when he came to the spirit world, because we are human beings in perfect shape. We can form our human body with our mind, and that is the reason why Christ could show his body as it was at the moment of his passing, when the physical death occurred.

All we experience on the earth plane is in our minds, nothing is lost, everything is in our subconscious mind, and as you know from your own life, you can, when you so wish, recall your life from a long time ago in fractions, but in the world beyond your life is open to your conscious mind second for second, your mind becomes clear as the sky, as when the sun is shining upon you and reveals to you the truth of life on earth, the truth of yourself.

Peace be with you. These words of Christ gave his friends the comfort and the knowledge that he was among them, because at first they could not see him, they could only hear his voice, but then he materialised in full and showed himself.

Life continues, there is no death, and Christ is not the only human being that has materialised. As you have from your scriptures, people have materialised from ancient times, but religion prevented people from bringing the living force, for bringing materialisation, the truth of life itself, to the people of the earth. Materialisations are real and natural phenomena when love prevails, because you are building the Bridge of Love when you sit together in love and ask for the communion with your friends and your loved ones on the other side of the veil. The Bridge of Love is a blessing from your Creator. The hands of your Father in heaven build the Bridge of Love. He is the force, the power of love that creates the bridge.

Peace be with you. These words will come to you when you meet us on the Bridge of Love, because we are of the kingdom of love. We that come to you to bring the wisdom of God to your world, we are humble messengers of the Creator, of your Almighty Father. Let this expression of peace find its path towards your heart, towards the love that we have for you on the earth plane. We in the spirit world love our brothers and sisters on earth. We want you to find peace of mind, we want you to have peace in your daily life, and we can give you this peace on the Bridge of Love, we can show you that life goes on, that there is no death, that when you leave the material plane, you only leave your physical body behind, but your spirit revives. Your spirit can never die, it is of God, and it has the power of love when you have found yourself, when you have become love yourself, and we can show you the way. Christ was the truth, the life and the way, and he showed you that love is foremost, that love will bring you to heaven, that love is of God.

Become love yourself and be one with your Creator. Christ told you this fact of life, that you can be one in his consciousness of love. Let your logic, your reasoning, your intellect be your guidance because you must never let your logic, your reasoning, be set aside and let creeds and dogmas prevail. Make up your mind; let your mind reflect upon life, upon the truth of life itself. Religions are there to bring love to people, and when their creeds and dogmas are beyond your comprehension, beyond your logical sense, then there must be something wrong, because your intellect says that you must understand what you receive.

Your human being is a wonderful creation, your own body is a wonderful creation, and you have with your medical science received a lot of knowledge of yourself, but there is still a way to go, because you are a spirit and the medical profession do not yet have this knowledge, and that is the living force itself, the living force that gives the potential for spirits to come through and materialise and show you that life goes on, that the spirit world is very much with you in your daily lives, that we are as you, human beings with another vibration than the material plane, but we have our minds intact, we have our intellect, we have our feelings, and we are following our loved ones that are still on earth. We bring love to your planet, and we try to influence you to take part in the healing work in your world, so your world can find its true self, the beautiful creation that was given to you by your Father.

Peace be with you my friend, we are close by.

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