39. Hand in Hand


When you find a friend, when you find friendship, when you truly love someone, then you give each other the hand and you hold hands. Holding hands is a sign of friendship, is a sign of love between you.

Walking hand in hand

gives you comfort,
gives you the feeling of being bound together,
gives you the feeling of nearness,
gives you the feeling of kindness,
gives you the feeling of safety,
gives you the feeling of truthfulness,
gives you the feeling of being part of someone,
gives you the knowledge of being in the same atmosphere, the same vibration of love.

What a wonderful feeling it is. What a beautiful feeling it creates within yourself when you share your friendship, your love, with other human beings. When you go hand in hand, whether it is with a fiancé, a partner, a wife or a child, it is truly a sign of love, a sign given to you by the Almighty Father that you should be as one. Holding hands with your friends, with your dear ones, creates an atmosphere of unity.

People of the earth should, in their minds, hold hands, because you are one, you are all children of God. You should form a chain of love, a chain of hands, and you can, together in friendship, in love, heal your world. You can share your resources, you can use your hands, not only to hold each other’s hands, but you can use your hands to feed people that are not as fortunate as yourself. Help with your hands; God gives your hands to you for charity, for working towards a world of love and peace among human beings that have received birth on this planet.

Use your hands to raise yourself and to sustain life, but also to help others, because your hands were given to you by your Father, not only to feed yourself, but to feed your brothers and sisters on this planet, to hold hands, to form friendship, to create love between you.

When you give your hand to another human being, whether that is a loved one, your child or an unknown friend, you give your hand to a brother or sister, because we are all God’s children and part of his creation. You are an extension, a prolonged arm of your Father in heaven, a loving hand of the spirit world, when you help other human beings, when you help the least fortunate, the children that do not have the necessary resources to prosper. When you give your hands as a humble servant, you have the hands of your Almighty Father. Use your hands wisely, use them in his wisdom, so you can form and be part of his chain, his love for his children on earth. Then, your Father blesses your hands, and lets them bring joy and peace on earth. What a wonderful work you are given with your hands. What a wonderful work you are given by the Almighty Father.

Let your hands be a tool for your Father in heaven on earth. Let your hands be of unselfishness. Let your hands be of love. Create a pathway of love so others can harvest your fruits, harvest from the seeds that you have planted in good soil with your hands. Let others come after you to a pathway where the fruits are of such splendour, of such brightness, of such wonder that you can look back and say to yourself: “Father, Almighty Spirit, I used my hands, your hands, in your wisdom, in your light. Blessed were your hands that you gave to me as a tool for your harvest, as a tool for your children on earth.” Then, my friend, you can turn your face to your Father in thankfulness for your hands that he gave you at birth and that you gave to the world, that you gave to the world in your humbleness, as a servant, as the messenger of God. Then, my friend, you have fulfilled your task, and God will crown your work, and when you someday come to the spirit world, your Father in heaven will hold your hands and bless them in his glory.

My friend, make a chain of love with your hands on earth so you can heal your world. Form a chain with your hands on earth in love and peace. Your hands can heal your world and bring love and peace to all. Go hand in hand, my friend, and let your hands be of love. The hands of the Almighty Father are of love. Let your hands be a prolonged arm of his hands.

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