39. Build your Future


As a carpenter, before I joined and became the Chief of the Indian Police, I had knowledge about building structures and their need for planning, engineering, drawings and elements of construction that needed to be taken care of and taken into consideration for the structure to see its completion. When accomplished, there is satisfaction in the work finalised, and one may reflect upon the careful planning and all the building blocks that were needed to reach the target. Then there is celebration for the good work.

Building your future is of the same structure, but with different building blocks. Look upon your life: you attend school in childhood and you attend further education in youth, you acquire education for an occupation. You plan ahead because you have a dream of what you want to become in your daily life, what kind of occupation you think that your interests comply with and where you will enjoy yourself. You are building your future on the earth plane, you look ahead, and you see a target where you want to travel, where you want to reach in your life. And when you discipline yourself, make an effort and study, you will probably meet your objective if that was a realistic destination for you in life.

My friend, you are building your future life every day in your lifetime on earth. But what you need to be aware of is that after your physical death you have an afterlife, you have a target there as well as on earth in your material life, and then you become aware of this wisdom that there is no death, that when you leave your physical self behind, your spiritual self lives on and you come to the next life where you have built your future on earth. That is what you bring to the world beyond, even though you do not know when on earth. But that is what we are telling you now, my friend, because this is vital knowledge for your mission on earth and for your destiny on the other side of life.

When you travel on vacation, you are looking up the place and you want to know beforehand where you are travelling to so you can have some idea of what you need to bring along and what you would like to see, to spend your time on. You see, even with vacations there is planning: there is a target for you to reach for your enjoyment and pleasure, because there is limited time and you want to spend the time of your vacation to the full.

Now, when you know this, you look upon your life here on earth, and you wonder what your life will bring about in the next life. My friend, I can tell you this, that in your lifetime on earth, you have building blocks as you have for erecting a building, as well as for your vacation. There are building blocks for you on earth to meet the next life with a smile, with laughter, with joy and peace of mind. You can meet the paradise that you have heard about in the scriptures, a paradise where there is beauty beyond description. My friend, that paradise is within yourself, it is the heaven that you create on the earth plane, and there are building blocks for you to find and build this heaven within that will be transparent in the world beyond. You build your heaven within by love, by unselfishness, by charity, by kindness and friendliness, by honesty and truthfulness, by forgiveness, by humbleness, by modesty and simplicity of life. These are building blocks that you should attend to with care because they are there on the material plane as passions for you to master so you can find the truth of life, so you can build the truth of yourself with the wisdom of God.

You see, my friend, it is revealed to you when you open your eyes. When you give love to others, you receive love, because that is the universal law of cause and effect that is in operation. It is there on the earth plane as well, so when you know this, you will also know that what you do unto others you do unto yourself. When you bring love to your fellow beings, you bring love to your inner self, to the heaven within, and love is the building block of heaven, because with love you have all you need, everything you find in this word, you have God’s wisdom. Keep love in your heart and you will build heaven and the treasure within that bring you happiness, peace of mind and serenity in life.

If you employ the building blocks of the negative sort with selfishness, with greed and misuse of power, dishonesty and untruthfulness and a life in vanity, you lose yourself, you create emptiness within your heart, and you do not meet the conditions of paradise that you have been told about as something lovely, as the beauties of nature itself. No, my friend, you meet the conditions that you use as your building blocks. You meet exactly what you build on the earth plane, with your thoughts, with your actions, with your deeds, with your misdeeds. Everything is there, open as a book when you come to the world beyond, so make sure that you use the building blocks that are of love, that are there for you to bring to your world, to your brothers and sisters, to your family, because you are all children of the same Creator, and you are here to fulfil yourself, and your mission is to bring love, the love that brought you to this world, for you to learn, for you to walk the school of life, for you to find the treasure of love, so you could be in oneness with the creation of love on the earth plane.

Build your future, plan your future, engineer your future, as you do with your house that you live in on earth. You maintain the house to keep it tidy and beautiful and so it is with yourself, you need to maintain the love that you have within yourself; you need to bring this love to your world, to your friends, to all people that you meet on your pathway in life.

God is there waiting for your awakening, so he can enlighten your way, so he can bring the light within you, so you can see clearly the wisdom that he brought to you at birth that is there within, that is mirrored and that you can see with your physical eyes in Mother Nature, that you can observe in communion with your brothers and sisters on earth, that you can see on your TV sets with your broadcasting technology, the network of media in every living room. You see, you have the world in front of you every day. You see the misfortune that selfishness, greed and misuse of power has brought to your world, and it is your task, it is your mission, to protest, to give of yourself, to care, to bring love to the misfortunate. What you have at your disposal should be used for the purpose of bringing love to your world, of bringing the news of the afterlife to your world. Because that will change your world when people know that there is no death and what they meet on the other side of the veil is what they created on earth, that their thoughts, their mind, their consciousness is real, and it becomes reality when you come to the world beyond.

You can take part in the work to heal your world, you can take part in changing your world to a place of love, of brotherhood, and you can bring your world a step further, towards unity, towards love for each other.

Start today, my friend, and build your future, because when you come to the world beyond you will look back on your life on earth and you will remember every second. Then you will say to yourself: “Why didn’t anyone tell me this on earth?” Well, my friend, I am telling you know, I am telling you the truth of life.

Build your future with love for your world, for your brothers and sisters, for Mother Nature, and you have the building blocks, you have the building blocks in your hands, the building blocks of love and care for everyone.

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