38. Share


A world of suffering for many people,
A world of inequality,
A world of wealth and resources,
A world of egoism,
A world where everyone was given the opportunity to raise himself,
A life where you are given the wisdom in nature, within yourself,
The wisdom to see and perceive that you all are alike,
That you are all given a life as human beings,
Made equal to a new life,
Made perfect to share, care and love.

When you hear the cry of the little children,
When you listen carefully
To a cry, tears that seek understanding, that seek love,
When you see the tears that come from a little child, hungry, suffering,
Then remind yourself that you were made equal,
That you were brought alive, given the same love from your Creator,
The same beauties of life in nature,
The same planet Earth, to evolve.
Remind yourself of God’s love for you all,
That is an unconditional love
Given to all, the righteous and the non-righteous.

You were made out of this love.
Now, it is your hands of love that can share, care and love,
For people that are suffering, for your brothers and sisters.
Leave egoism and selfishness behind,
Let love predominate over your life
And in love you find the quality to share,
To share the resources and wealth of your world with your family,
With all the children that were brought to this planet by love,
Let your hands be of love,
God’s hands on earth can be your hands.

What a wonderful mission that you have for your life on earth!
Create a life of equality for all,
Wipe away the tears of the little children that are suffering,
Share your wealth, share your love, share the resources of your world,
You are all brothers and sisters.

When you come to my world, you will look back on your life.
The love that you brought, that made your path,
The traces after yourself, will be a wonderful beauty created within
Your inner self.
Remind yourself, and look back on your traces in life,
Remind yourself about the love that you were given,
The life that you received from your Creator,
A life to learn, to accomplish something beautiful.
That is what you can do by sharing, by giving of yourself,
By letting others come first,
By humbling yourself in love for your Creator, in love for your life,
In love for your brothers and sisters, for your family on earth.

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