38. Modesty

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A wonderful opportunity has been given to you on earth: to perfect yourself and your life. You have been given conditions for you to master in life, because God has bestowed upon you the conditions that you are there to learn from, to be part of, so you can have this experience in life, so you can rectify yourself, so you can bring harmony to your spiritual self. You see, my friend, you are in that exact place, where you find yourself, for that mission. You are there to create a path where you learn the lessons of life that your spirit should attend to when on earth.

What is modesty? Modesty is to have God’s love in heart, his virtue, his moral perfection. Modesty is a dignified life, a life where you give of your self, where you live a life where love is foremost, and where simplicity is the virtue. God is love and he wants you to have his wisdom so you can tread a life in his love for all. You are here for a mission, you are here to perfect yourself, so you, when you come to the world beyond, can see that your spirit has evolved, has advanced and has enhanced in his wisdom. You see, my friend, there is a meaning with this life that you are walking on this earth plane. You came to earth by your free will, you came to earth to find your true self, to become the love that your Creator brought to you in the first place when you came to this material plane. You are here to be his hands of love, to bring forth his message to the world: that there is no death. You are here to fulfil yourself, to bring his love, to bring your own being of helpfulness, of kindness, of friendliness, of dignity to your brothers and sisters, to your family on earth.

A life in modesty is a life where you have the wisdom of God, where you see that his will is there for you to fulfil. His will is love for all, the love that created all. Perfect yourself in morality, perfect yourself in love for others, and perfect yourself in his wisdom of love. Get the perspective of life, see beyond yourself, your material plane, watch Mother Nature, gaze upon the sky, the universe above yourself, and know that you are but one planet in this universe, that your solar system is infinitely small in this vast universe, the creation of your heavenly Father and heavenly Mother, all brought to you to learn, for you to reflect upon your life.

When you watch nature, you see the beautiful creations, whether that is animals, flowers, trees or fruits. You see, my friend, there is wisdom behind the beautiful creations of various sorts, and they are there to fulfil a life of modesty, a life of simplicity, that you can enjoy when you have a balanced view, when you have a balanced life, when you do not acquire all for yourself, in abundance, but when you share, share with your fellow beings. A balanced life is a life in modesty. A charitable mind is of the modest human being.

Let modesty become your way of life and you will see that you start to beautify your inner self, that you leave selfishness and greed behind. You will see that a modest life is a life without vanity, because there is no need to boast of oneself when you have the wisdom of God within you, the love of God. Modesty is wisdom, and modesty is of God.

The family on earth is yours, the family where your brothers and sisters should all have food on the table, should all have sufficient water to drink, should all have a roof above their heads so they can have the necessities of life, so they can have the care and find a dignified life. Bring and share your resources among your brothers and sisters on earth. That is modesty, my friend.

Start today with a life in modesty and you will see that you build up a treasure within yourself, a treasure of love that keeps your peace of mind, that brings you tranquillity, to find your true self.

A life in abundance of wealth is the contrary of a life in modesty, and when you live a life where material possessions, where the world’s wealth is more important to you than your spiritual self, you will not find the treasure of love from your Father. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy man to enter the kingdom of God. It is from the scriptures, it is a spiritual truth, because when you have lost sight of your spiritual self you will not find the heaven within yourself that you can build on the earth plane, that is transparent in the world beyond. That is the only luggage that you can bring to the world beyond, the treasure of love.

Build this treasure of love by modesty, by living a life where you have God’s love in your heart, and where you become his hands of love on the earth plane.

Modesty is your fortune when you have love in heart.

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