38. Hear the Little Children Singing


My friend, you came to this world as a little child with a pure mind. Based on your instincts you sought for the warmth of your mother, sought for nutrition, sought for love, the basic thought of the universe, the thoughts from your Almighty Father, from the Creator of the universe, from God that brought you into this world as a little child, raised you in the womb of your mother, from the little seed of the universe.

With love and nutrition, the child grows and raises itself. The child should feel the warmth and the love from its mother and father and feel the compassion, the safety and love that are created in such a unity, a unity that is made in the picture of God. The child starts to utter words, utter thoughts, smiling, laughing, bringing joy to this unity, their little family, joy that you as a mother and father have created for the child.

When you are singing for the child at night at bedtime, you create a feeling of love, a feeling of joy and calmness of mind in the child. You create a beauty of joy within the mind of the child so it can fall asleep with pleasure, with peace of mind. That is your responsibility as a father and mother, to create this atmosphere for the child, within the child´s mind, so the child can have a pure and loving mind, a mind of love so that the child can sing with other children and form a choir of beauty. When you as a father and mother listen to this choir, the children, to your own child, standing before you singing beautiful hymns, it melts your heart and you are rewarded by your own efforts of upbringing of the child.

When you hear this little choir of children singing to you, you are listening to the music of heaven. When you hear your own child sing beautiful hymns, hymns that you yourself have taught the child in love, it is like love coming into you heart. It is of such a thought that you forget about yourself, and you can just sit and feel the pleasure, the calmness within yourself.

My friend, you have had a taste of heaven when you hear the little children singing. When you listen to them with your heart, you can sit in contemplation, you can for a while forget about the troubles of your world, when you can feel within your heart the thoughts of love, of pure minds, from the little children. When you give love, you receive love. Give only love. That is the tune from God, because God is love, and he gave purity of mind to the little children at birth.

You cannot see the kingdom of God before you become a little child, before you enter the kingdom of God as a little child, because you need to have purity in mind, you need to have purity of love within yourself when you enter the kingdom of love, within the kingdom of God.

The beauty from the little children, when they are singing, is music from heaven. What a wonderful feeling it is to just listen to your own child, to children that are singing to you from their heart with love, what a wonderful expression of God’s creation.

My friend, love is the key, love and purity in mind is what you should give your children, your little child, from birth. Raise the children in love and you will have such a wonderful choir on earth singing hymns of heaven that will bring you such calmness of mind, such tranquillity within, that you forget about yourself so you can pour love over your children as your father gives unconditional love to you. The sun is shining above you, on all of you, on the righteous and the nonrighteous; he gives love to you all. Let the sun be an example to follow. Let the sun and your love shine upon all, not only your own child, but on all children. Help other children so they can have a prosperous life, a life in love, a life where they do not go afraid and hungry to bed, where they can have the tunes within themselves from heaven.

When your child goes to bed at night, it is your responsibility as an adult to show the way, to sow love on the pathway where the child is walking, so they can see the fruits of your work, so they can harvest the beauties of life, so they can pick the flowers and create a beauty for you and thank you for the love that you gave them, so you can raise yourself and let the light shine upon your self and your creation on earth, a light that can be an example for others to follow, so they can see what you did, how you managed to create love on your pathway to the heaven that you mastered in your life on earth.

Listen to the little children when they are singing to you. It is the voice that you hear from heaven. It is the music that you someday may have in your mind, in your consciousness when you come to this world, the world beyond.

The choir of the little children, the choir of love, is of God, is of Heaven, and it is your responsibility to create this choir where love gives such beautiful tunes, such beautiful voices, such beautiful melodies, such a beautiful atmosphere and such beautiful friendship.

The choir of the little children can heal your world. Listen to the children when you make decisions in your world. Every child has the right to a dignified life, a life where love prevails, where they can have sufficient food on the table, where life is a life in love. And your hands can make this possible. You can share your love. You can share your resources. You can make peace on earth. Listen to the heavenly music of the little choir within your mind; listen to it with your ears. Visualise the little choir of children that sing tunes, hymns of love to you. Listen to the little children singing heavenly music in your ears, music of love, and songs of love.

The children of God in the spirit world will meet you on the Bridge of Love, and sing beautiful hymns to you, because the Bridge of Love is the bridge of God. Come to us with the mind of a child, because the mind of the child is pure, pure love, and that is how we build the Bridge of Love.

My friend, before you turn the page, have the tune of the little choir of children within your mind, and listen to the beautiful tunes of love, and keep them in your heart.

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