38. Eternity


Time is endless. There is no time in the spirit world. How can there be any time when we live in eternity?

My friend, your spiritual being has always existed, you have always been part of God, and God has been for all eternity. How can you perceive a world where there is no time? How can you perceive a timeless world when you watch your time and schedule every day? – Now it is time to start the working day, now it is time to get up from bed early in the morning, now it is time for breakfast, now it is time for work, a meeting, a birthday, to call a friend, now it is time to reflect on what happened yesterday the loving words you served a friend or a close relative, or a conflict that is still in your mind, but still unsolved. The time is there ticking all day, and in the evening you sit back in your chair and sum up the daily events, and you say to yourself: Did I fulfil my tasks today? Wait a second, I forgot I had planned a conversation with a friend that I should have given comfort, that had problems. Then you go into your schedule, to your planner and say to yourself: It is too late to give a call tonight, maybe my friend has gone to sleep? I will make sure that I call my friend at a certain time tomorrow, and then you write that in your planner. See my friend, time on earth is part of your way to organize your life, and with a world that is going around 24 hours a day, you need time to make it work.

When you go to bed and fall asleep, then time does not exist for you before you hear the alarm clock wakening you from sleep, but you have been travelling in your thoughts, in your dreams. Perhaps you remember some dreams that were joyful or just a mixup of different events, but time was not there. You did not reflect upon time when you were asleep, because then you were part of eternity, you were part of how we regard time in the spirit world, in a way, because in a dream when asleep, you are not conscious, but we are in the spirit world.

In fact, when you raise yourself spiritually, you also become conscious when asleep, because then you travel to the spirit world, you become part of the next life, and even if you don’t know, since you cannot remember your sleep, you may be active with your friends, and even work on this side. Time, to us in the spirit world, does not exist since we live in eternity, but when we come to earth and join you, help and inspire you, we become conscious of your time. We live in a higher vibration than you, and we know that this must be difficult to understand. Time passes quickly for us compared to time on earth, but as I told you, we do not have time, because we live in eternity, the spirit world is eternity.

You might say: How do you plan in the spirit world? How do you meet friends when you cannot have a certain time to agree upon? Well, in the spirit world we are conscious all the time, we don’t sleep, even though we rest, even though we move into stillness and have peace within ourselves. We are conscious of meetings, we are conscious of activities, we are conscious when a friend is sending his or her thoughts to us. We are conscious. We are conscious of the consciousness that we are part of, so we know. Actually, we have a much more comprehensive understanding of people and activities and their consciousness than you can ever in your mind comprehend on earth.

There is no need for time in the spirit world, because we know all there is to know that we want to be part of. We know when a friend wants our presence, wants to be comforted, or just wants us to be part of their mind. Consciousness is to us our planner, our schedule, but I am saying this to you for you to comprehend with your mind, because I know it is difficult to understand a world you are not part of, that has other rules, that has another organisation, and that is far beyond your comprehension. It cannot be transparent in your mindset, but know that our world is highly organised, and that we are, with our consciousness, more aware of everything that we are part of, more than you on earth can ever realise compared to your own organised life.

Eternity my friend, is a beautiful world. We live in eternity, you are part of eternity, you are on earth to raise yourself spiritually so you can comprehend your consciousness when you come to the spirit world one day in the future, when your life on earth is complete and you have accomplished your tasks.

You are an eternal being. God is eternal. Life is eternal.

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