38. Appraise and Advance

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In your daily life you reflect upon your actions, you reflect upon the day that has gone by, you reflect on the past, on your past history, because your own life has been a continuous effort to find the meaning of life, to find a better life, to find a better understanding for why things are as they are in life. And you might ask: “Why did this happen to me? Why did I meet this failure in life? Why did I meet all these problems that made such difficulties for my life?” I can assure you, my friend, that you are not alone, you are not alone in thinking as such, thinking why things are happening to you, why you have to struggle in your daily life. I will give you some of my wisdom because I have been on your planet, I have walked upon your earth, I also met the struggles of the material life, and I know now that they were of benefit to me, of benefit for all people that are walking on the earth plane. You see, my friend, that your life is a school, your earthly school of life, and you are here to learn, and the only way to find your true self, to heighten yourself, to advance, to find the truth of life, is to meet the struggles of the material plane, so you can feel the forces and the passions that are there for you to master, that are there for you to experience so they can enhance your spiritual self, so they can influence your whole being and your life on earth.

Every day spend a little time with an appraisal, going through the day, why you met such challenges, why you characterised them as struggles and problems in your life, and how you attended to them, how you can learn from them. If you do so, my friend, you will enhance yourself, you will see where you made the wrong actions, the wrong decisions, so you the next day, tomorrow, can say to yourself that: “I want to change, I want to take another path, I do not want to encounter the same problems as I did yesterday, I want to act on them differently, because I caused the failures myself, because I behaved in the wrong manner.” You see, you are the cause and create an effect that is either of the positive or negative kind. You can influence your life, day by day, you can raise yourself towards a higher understanding of yourself and of people that you are meeting every day, people of different attitudes, of different development, of different character, of different morality.

I can say this to you, my friend, that the highest, the foremost objective is to find your real self. When you do so, my friend, you will be a human being of virtue, of excellence in morality, because then you have climbed the ladder of spirituality, and you will know the wisdom of yourself and the wisdom of God.

God made the material plane for you to find virtue in life, to bring love to your brothers and sisters on the earth plane, to bring harmony and peace in your life and in others’ lives. You see, you behaviour serves as a lesson for others, you are giving your fellow beings a direction in life, they see how you behave and then they appraise, evaluate, the importance of your direction, because they see what you leave behind yourself, they see the positive effect or the negative effect that you have upon them, upon your environment, your surroundings, and when they see that you leave behind love and virtue, they see the beauty of yourself and your life, they see that that is the way to advance in life. Your objective is to enhance your character and the characters of all, men and women, boys and girls. Children that you so dearly love are all here to find the path towards love, towards higher morality, towards a good life on earth. And a good life can only be found when you raise yourself in love for your brethren, for your family on earth. Love is the vital ground, the character of virtue. Let love flourish your character in all directions, because love is paramount in character development that gives you higher understanding of your moral and ethical values in life. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The golden rule is for you to bring forward in your daily life, so you can enhance yourself, so you can find your true self. People admire human beings of high ethics, of high moral values; human beings that are truly love themselves, that want to find peaceful ways in all their endeavours. You love such people because they are something that you yourself strive to attain to in character. You yourself want to be such a person because you know that that is the only way to find peace of mind, to find the love within that you can have in life that will bring you harmony that will bring you a good life on the earth plane.

Let this word of virtue, let this word be the love that you pour over your pathway in life, because when you have this word foremost in life, you will truly find your true self. The spirit that you have within is eternal, and you are of God. Reflect on this, my friend: that you are of God, and that God created you by love. See, love is foremost in life, love will make you a beautiful pathway, and love will make you beautiful. Imagine this: that everything has been made by the power of love, because God is love, and you are made by the same force, by the same elements as the universe.

Do not let your life be difficult. Bring the fortune of God to your heart, the fortune of love, and you will express yourself towards your world in such a manner that people will look upon you and say: “What a wonderful human being, what a wonderful virtue, what a wonderful love that comes from that individual.” You can take part in advancing your world by advancing yourself. You can show the world how to raise itself towards the beauty of love; you can take part in the healing of your world. You can be the flower of a virtue that people want to have in their garden, that people want to plant everywhere on the earth plane, because it is so wonderful to watch, so wonderful to be part of, so wonderful a flower, a beauty that is of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of love. You can be that flower, you can be that beauty; you can have this heaven within yourself, the heaven of love. You can bring heaven to earth by your actions, by your behaviour in life. Appraise yourself every day and advance. Advance yourself and your world to a higher state of being, to a being of love and virtue.

What a wonderful school of life you are being part of. Be sure that you do your homework, fulfil yourself and receive the diploma when your lifetime is over on earth, a diploma for your character of virtue, character of love, character of decency, and character of charitable effort. That diploma will be your curriculum vitae when you come to this side of life, a diploma open for everyone, because there are no secrets on this side of life. Let this diploma be the wonderful human being that you attained to on the earth plane, and God will give you his blessing for your work. Let love prevail, become love yourself and be one with your Creator.

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