37. Work and Rest

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In nature, the wisdom of God is revealed to you. In his wisdom there is work and there is rest. In the wintertime, nature withdraws and rests, reposes, after the cessation of the harvest, of the blooming, of the wonders that bring joy and pleasure to your physical eyes. It dwells and regains its strength in all respects and during wintertime, when there is decay of plants, they nurture the ground, the soil, so it will bear fruit again in the summertime. During spring there is germination brought to you every year with the guidance of the sun that gives nourishment, vitamins and warmth to the soil. During summer you see nature revealing itself in all its beauties, and during autumn you are harvesting from the growth of seeds that have fulfilled their mission and become fruit, vegetables and vegetation, and have brought food to yourself and nutrition for the animals.

You see, my friend, nature brings you the clock of life so that there is a time for work and a time for rest, and your physical self is suited for bringing your energy into life on a daily basis where you in joy can bring your service to the world through care for others and your occupation in life. In the night you have rest, you have repose after the cessation of work, and your body becomes strengthened with rest of mind and body, as with nature in the wintertime.

You see, my friend, you have been given the work to fulfil yourself, and when you are unemployed and cannot find work for your livelihood, then you are exposed to energy within yourself that is there, imprisoned, because you are fit for work and you are here to use your hands, to use your intellect, to be of service. So, my friend, when you have free time and have fulfilled yourself in your work time, you can enjoy your spare time with family and friends, and your activities that are of interest to you. That is why it is so vital to share and take care of each other; so all can work so all can fulfil themselves, because repose only is more exhausting than having your daily work and daily rest. All has to come into balance. Your life must be in balance for you to find peace of mind, for you to find joy in life. Too much work or too much rest is not bringing you balance and harmony; everything must be according to the creation, the creation of God, the wisdom of life that is revealed to you in nature.

Be of service. Give love to your fellow beings. That is a wonderful work, a wonderful service, towards your family on earth. Find this in the period of rest as well, because bringing love is a pleasure, is a joy for your spiritual self, for your mind, and it builds up the treasure of love within. When you give service, you will have the wisdom brought to you in life by your own deeds and by turning yourself to your Creator, because that wisdom will descend upon you, will be clear as the day, and you will see that love brings your self into love.

You, my friend, are here to raise yourself spiritually and walk the school of life. You are here to be of service, to find an occupation, find yourself a living, so you can have rest and peace when you end your working day.

Give of yourself. That is both work and rest, and it is a joy to your inner self. When you give of yourself in love, you will heighten your spirit, and you become part of the beauty in life, the blessing from your Father in heaven. Turn yourself to your Creator, and ask for his guidance, ask for his wisdom, so you can work and rest in balance, according to his will, because doing his will is what creates harmony in your life. His will is love, and by love you create harmony within, the beauty of love that you can bring to yourself and others, the heaven of love.

To find this balance, just watch nature itself, because nature is created in love, brought to your earth plane by your Father in heaven. He creates all there is by love, as you yourself were made of, but you have been given the opportunity and free will to find your balance in life. The wisdom, my friend, is in nature watch and learn. Beautify yourself according to nature’s law, according to the wonders of the creation that you find revealed to you every day.

God bless your work and rest in his wisdom for your service of love for the world, for humanity, for your brothers and sisters, your fellow beings, your friends, your family.

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