37. United worlds


There are many worlds in the universe, many worlds that are beyond your physical senses, worlds of many vibrations. The earth plane is but one world, and your world and our world, the spirit world, are one. We all live in the spirit world, because you are spirits, spiritual beings living in a physical environment, with a physical flesh coating. You are clothed by your physical body, but the real you is within yourself, the spiritual self, your spiritual being. You on the earth plane are in the spirit world, because we are intermingled. People that have left their physical body are still part of your world. It is a very thin veil that makes the barrier between your world and our world, so to make the distinction, we have termed your world, the physical world, and our world the spirit world, but we are one, we are one in spirit, because we are of the same Creator of the universe, from the same God, the same consciousness. We are of God’s consciousness. We are all of the same creation.

Those of us that have left our physical body and live in the spirit world, we see so very well, that we are but one. The physical plane, your world, the earth plane, is just one vibration. The physical universe is just one vibration, where you can feel your physical body.

See, my friend, the power from electricity, you cannot see with your physical eyes, because that is not a vibration that you can feel with your physical senses, that is something that has to be converted into light, into power that drives your light bulb, drives your appliances that you use in your household, that drives your electrical ovens, the power generation of the earth. But I can tell you this, my friend, that the power in itself is from God. You receive it from the sun that is driving your world, which is your power station even though you don’t regard it as such with the different kinds of power that you have on earth, but all is from one, the sun, the one power station.

The sun has created all, the oil and coal that you extract from the earth, the fossil energy that you have at your disposal comes from the sun. Our world is driven by the Almighty Father, and it is driven by the power of love, which is the mightiest force in the universe, the force that creates everything, that is behind everything, that has been from eternity and that will last to eternity. There is no time. Love has always been the force that creates, that prevails.

There are many different worlds, different worlds of development, and you are in the physical world at present, and will some day join the spirit world, and then you will see, my friend, that the earth plane was the school of life to teach you how to behave, and how to love, because love is there to raise yourself above mundane things of the world of physical character, to raise yourself from selfishness, which is there as the passions of the earth to conquer. You are there to manage the power of the passions, so you can raise yourself towards God and his consciousness, towards the love, the consciousness of love that you should join with all your heart, with your whole being.

We are in different worlds to learn, to raise ourselves. We are in different spheres, where we receive the love from our Father in different shapes and forms, so we can by ourselves differentiate between his creations, differentiate right from wrong, so we can enjoy his beauties, all of us. You are here on earth, on the earth plane, to raise the world to a better place for everyone. You are here to share with each other, to cast aside selfishness, to break the barrier, to fulfil yourself in love for humanity, to throw away your passions of selfishness, where you can learn to let others come first, where you can place yourself behind and then yourself in love.

We are united. We are one. We are all part of God, created in his picture. He wanted us to be one, to share with each other, and to love each other, no matter what world you are in. Love prevails. Let us unite our worlds, let us unite in love for each other, let us unite in God’s consciousness with his love.

You and I are one. We are of the same spirit. We are all children of God. Let this knowledge penetrate your inner being, your spiritual self, and you will behave towards others as you behave towards your own children, as your Father in heaven does. We are all children of the same God.

Our worlds are united as one because God is one. Let love fill your heart. Let love be the power of your world. Let us unite in love.

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