37. One World


All of a sudden you get a glimpse of something unknown to you,
Something that you have not seen before,
A new flower, a new animal,
A new perspective of life, a new world.

In your microscope, you see a new world of living beings
That was unknown to you,
That you cannot see with your physical eyes,
A world of living beings that care for you, that care for your wellbeing,
That were made by love for your world to be perfect.

By the telescope you have explored stars, planets,
Galaxies far beyond your physical sight,
A world of twinkling stars to your eyes at night,
A sun that shines upon you, upon the earth, for your life,
For your planet Earth.

Many worlds beyond your sight, as with my world, the spirit world,
Another frequency, another vibration in the spectrum of light,
A life that is beyond the rainbow,
Beyond the beautiful colours that you can see in the sky.

The light of love, that is revealed to you in all its beauties,
In the seven colours of love brought to your mind
For you to understand life itself.

Many worlds in one world,
We live in the same world,
A world made by love,
A world of many dimensions,
A world made in perfect order for your joy and happiness,
For you and your curious mind
To explore life, to learn life, to find the wisdom of God.

One world of love, God’s love, God’s love for you all,
A wonderful world,
A wonderful sight,
Brought for your eyes,
The beauty of love that is there for your heart,
For creating heaven within, a heaven of love, God’s love,
God’s world, your world.

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