37. Lose Yourself and Gain Heaven


What a wonderful creation you are, what a wonderful creation you all are. My friend, you have the potential and the opportunity to find the love, the beauty, that you have within yourself. You are a spirit, you are an eternal being and you are of God. You came to this earth plane to attend the school of life of this material world. You are here to perfect yourself, your spiritual self, you are here to find your true self, and when you see the truth of life, when you acquire the knowledge and the wisdom of God, you are in a position to raise yourself spiritually, to find what has been prepared for you inside yourself, what was given to you at birth as a small grain for you to nourish, for you to take care of, as you do with your flowers in your world. You look after your flowers, you watch their beauties, and you take care of their mould so they have the right conditions for raising themselves towards the sunlight, towards your Father in heaven. You yourself are such a flower; you have this small seed and can become a beautiful sunflower that shines upon the earth as the sun shines upon you from heaven. You can be a light for your world, you can build the treasure within yourself out of love, the love you give to others, that you give of yourself, so you can find the truth of being, so you can find the truth of life, so you can bring heaven to your mind, to your inner self, to your spiritual self.

When you become love yourself, when you forget about yourself in service to your brothers and sisters, when you leave selfishness behind, when you raise yourself above the passions of the earth that hold you down, that keep you outside the gates that are decorated with love by your Father, the entrance to heaven, to the beauty within yourself, will open up, will always stay open when you knock with the expression of love, when you bring love to this treasure, the heaven within, when you lose yourself in love for your fellow beings.

When you have found the wisdom of life, that you are here as a child of your Father, that you are here with his hands to bring charity to your world, when you understand yourself, your mission, the purpose of life, you have found yourself and you are building the heaven within, the heaven that is there for you for eternity, for you to find peace within, for you to have peace of mind, for you to have a joyful life, for you to find true felicity on the earth plane. You can find true happiness when you lose yourself. That is, my friend, the only way to find God within you, that is to become love yourself.

God created you to bring harmony and joy to your world, to work for your brothers and sisters, to work for your family on earth, and in every occupation you can give of yourself. You can, with love in your mind, bring fortune to yourself and your fellow beings, fortune and wealth of the spirit, and you can bring wealth of the material kind that is there for you to share with your brothers and sisters, with the children of God that are on the earth plane, so you can be part of the mission to heal your world, to raise every child from poverty, to bring every child out of the suffering and despair that people of your world create every day due to lack of knowledge, lack of the wisdom of life itself.

You are a spirit. You can never die. When you have this wisdom you will acquire more knowledge of the truth in your life because then you want to know the answers to life itself, the wisdom of life. On the Bridge of Love, you can find the truth, you can have communion with departed souls from your world and they can tell you the wisdom, they can tell you the answers that you have been longing for, spirits that have become love themselves, that have truly found heaven within, the heaven and the kingdom of love that is transparent in the world beyond.

Use yourself in service, forget about your own selfish needs, because they are there hampering you on your pathway towards heaven.

Imagine yourself as a being of love – dwell on this for a while – imagine yourself as pure love, as unconditional love, as a heart full of kindness, of friendliness, of honesty, of decency, of helpfulness. When you have fulfilled yourself completely for your world, for humanity, for every individual on the earth plane, my friend, then you are one with God, then you are in his heaven of love, the heaven that you have within because there is no separateness in love. Love is the key to find the treasure of life, the treasure of the universe, the treasure of God, the heaven that you can become, the consciousness of unconditional love, the power of the universe, the power of love.

My friend, when you live on earth, you need to sustain your physical body. You have to work for your conditions on the earth plane, for a place to live, for the food on the table, for raising your family, for giving your children a happy and prosperous life, because we all want to have a comfortable and a decent life, but a life in modesty, a life in moderation, will give your soul, the spirit within, the right nutrition for building heaven within yourself, for building love within, because in modesty you share with your brothers and sisters on earth, in modesty you work unselfishly, in modesty you lose yourself so others can find your love for them.

You can have a wonderful life on the earth plane when you seek the highest within yourself, the love that you are made of that you can bring to the surface so you can show the way, be the truth yourself, the truth of your Father; the wisdom of life. You can be the light, the way and the truth. You have the power within yourself when you fulfil yourself with the power of love, the power that made the creation so beautiful, that made you such a wonderful human being, that made your earth such a beautiful blue planet. God creates beauty out of love. You can be his hands of love on the earth plane and take part in his wonderful creation, in his love for you all.

Lose yourself, let God operate within you, let God be the power that drives your spirit forward in love for your brothers and sisters and for Mother Nature, and gain heaven in your earthly life.

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