37. A Kiss from Heaven


What a wonderful expression,
what a wonderful feeling,
what a wonderful warmth,
what a wonderful atmosphere,
what a wonderful thought,
what wonderful praise,
what a wonderful love a kiss can be, a kiss can create,
that is given to you filled with love, with passions of love, given to you from our heart.

What a wonderful thought a kiss can be that can fill you innermost being. My friend, we give you a ‘Kiss from Heaven’ filled with love.

God is love, God is unconditional love, and we that come to you from the spirit world come to you in love. We that have raised ourselves spiritually have left the passions of the earth, the passions of materiality, the passions of selfishness, greed and vanity, and the passion of power. We know that love in heart and peace of mind is the foremost objective in life. We come to serve, to help you in your daily lives and to fill your heart with love. We want you to see the truth of life, to find your inner self, to find the beauty that you have within, the love that was given to you as a seed, a seed that you were given by the Almighty Father to nurture, so it could become a beautiful flower. You can be a beautiful flower that people look at and say: “That flower is filled with love. Look at the beauty of its colours, look at its strength, and look at its radiance. Oh, I wish I could have that flower in my heart so I could be filled with that radiance of love.”

When you have raised yourself to such a flower, to such strength, you become a light for others, a light where the passions of the earth are gone, where there is no selfishness, where you only want to give love. Then, you are truly part of your Father in heaven. Then you have received the knowledge, the wisdom, in the school of life on earth. You see, my friend, you are here on earth to raise yourself, to fill yourself with love, to cast aside selfishness, to help other human beings and to raise the world in love. Raise your world where you live, so you can set an example for others to follow and, my friend, you will have so many kisses from the world beyond, kisses of love that will be poured over you.

Like attracts like, so when you raise yourself, spirits from the other side will come to you and fill your heart with love, because they see that the energy that they give, you will share with others, that the resources you are given will be shared among the children of God.

I can say this, my friend: When you let others come first, you will raise your inner being high above mundane things of your world. Of course you need to sustain life, and we all want a comfortable life, but a life in modesty is the pathway that will raise your self and give you peace of mind. In modesty you share with others, you help others and you let others come first.

Have that vision in your mind. What kind of world would you have on earth if that were the attitude, which is to let others come first, to live in modesty, to live a spiritual life where materialism was just there to sustain your basic needs? Then, my friend, your world would look different. Your world would not have war or hunger. Your world would be a nice place for everyone.

People of the earth seek power, they seek positions where it is so easy to misuse their influence, and in their vanity they forget that they are human beings themselves. The people that are at the lowest level are equally important, because you are all children of God, and he does not differentiate. God is unconditional love, and so should you be. You should not differentiate between people. You should help and show kindness, and in kindness you will receive the beauties from our world that will fill your heart.

This is a ‘Kiss from Heaven’ to you, it is a kiss that you should share with other human beings, it is a kiss of love, a kiss of kindness, a kiss where selfishness is erased. It is truly a kiss from heaven,

a kiss of healing,
a kiss of love,
a kiss of kindness,
a kiss that will fill your heart with beauty,
a kiss that will give you peace of mind,
a kiss that gives you the truth,
a kiss from your friends and loved ones,
a kiss that will raise your self,
a kiss of friendship,
a kiss from God, a kiss of unconditional love.

What a wonderful ‘Kiss from Heaven’ we have for you on the Bridge of Love.

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