36. The Sun is Rising Above the Horizon


Good morning, my friend!
I am here this morning to give you the sunlight, the daylight for you to be happy within yourself, for you to bring this light towards your fellow beings: the sun of God, the light from the stars. I can see that when I come above you, I see the rays of myself shining upon the earth, I see the rays reflecting the light in the raindrops that are on top of the grass, slowly running down the blade, this beautiful green creation.

I bring to you the warmth and the light, the colours that water drops are turning into the beautiful rainbow, the rainbow on your heaven, the rainbow that you admire, that you watch in contemplation and all of a sudden think about life, about who you are, the meaning of life, and Mother Nature all the beauties you have, that you can see with your physical eyes, because I am the sun that gives you this wonderful life.

My friend, I am your friend, I am your Creator, I am your Father and Mother, your parents that bring you nutrition on the table, so you can sustain your body, so you can bring food to your family. I am bringing nutrition to the animals, to nature, bringing water from the ocean to the sky with the clouds that are sailing by, that fill themselves with hope and love for the children, the animals and the nature, for all there is that needs the source of life to refresh itself, to clean itself, and to clean Mother Nature.

When you wake up in the morning and look out of the window, I am there when the sky is blue, when the clouds are dissolved for you to find the light from heaven, for you to watch Mother Nature in all its beauties, and when you walk into this beautiful garden and take off your shoes, you can feel the grass under your feet, you can feel its softness, you can feel its colour of green that gives you peace of mind, and that colour is given to you by the Sun.

You look at me, but I am too strong a light for your physical eyes, for you to watch me. I am God. I am the Creator of all there is. I created heaven on earth for you to find peace within. I created you so you could find your true self, so you could raise yourself and build the treasure of love within, the treasure that will not rust to mould, the treasure that will be everlasting, the treasure that you can bring to the world beyond when you have accomplished the school of life on earth.

I am God that dwells within you when you have love in your heart. You are a spirit, you are of me, of the sun, of all there is, because I am the creation, I am your God, I am everyone’s God, I am the Creator of the universe, and I am the love that you can fill yourself with and stretch your hands towards for my presence in your life. When you go out there in your life and meet people, then you become part of me when you show kindness, when you show friendliness, when you give love to your brothers and sisters on earth. Then you become one with me in love, in love for all, for the creation, for every child on your planet. You, my friend, in turn can bring heaven on earth, by your behaviour, by your attitudes in life, by the knowledge that I give you now, that you are part of the creation, that you are my hands of love on this earth plane, on your beautiful blue planet that I created for you to find the beauties of life, so you could heighten yourself towards the love that I have for you and for the Planet Earth, for all the children, for the animals and nature itself.

You are creating your own world inside as I have created your world. I brought love to my creation, I built my creation by love, and so can you, my friend, you can build yourself by love, by giving love of yourself to your fellow beings and to Mother Nature, and when you have become love yourself then we are one, we are one and of love. That is the most beautiful place that you can ever find, that is where you will find peace and tranquillity and the kingdom of love, the heaven within yourself.

Heaven on earth is a reality, heaven on earth can be your reality when you find the wisdom that I have given to you and that you find within yourself when you see beyond the material aspect of living, when you find your spiritual self.

You came to this world, and I gave you the sun and the daylight for you to work with yourself, so you could bring the love that you received at birth, that you had in your mind when you came from the world beyond. You saw heaven yourself before you came to earth, heaven with all its love, with all its beauties, the children of heaven, how they behave towards each other, the love that they have for each other, the devotion that man and woman have for each other, that spirits have for each other when they have found the love within themselves. And so can you, my friend, on the earth plane, you can bring heaven, the thought and the love from the world beyond. You can bring this love to your world. You can be my hands on this earth plane, so you can create heaven on earth as it was prepared for you.

Remind yourself, when you see the sun rising above the horizon, that I am, that you are, a spirit, that I am here for you, that I want to help you, that I want you to be my hands of love that give warmth, nutrition and the beauties of life to all people and Mother Nature.

I am God, I am your Father and Mother, and I am your Creator.

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