36. The Living Force


What are we made of, what are we as human beings made of? We have within us elements of the universe, elements of the stars. Stars are born and stars are dying, and so it is with us human beings. We in the physical world, we are born and we die but, my friend, we are still alive, as with the stars in the universe. The physical shape disappears, but the energy is alive and cannot be erased, cannot be extinguished.

We are made of a living force. We have the universe within ourselves. We have the atoms within that come from similar elements as those of the universe, the elements of the physical world, the elements of God. You as a human being are a creation by God with such capabilities that are beyond human knowledge. How much do you really know about the consciousness? How much do you really know about your mind? How much do you really know about your brain? Yes, you can see the physical parts of the brain, but there is a consciousness, a mind outside your comprehension, and so it is with the living force.

How much do you know about your dreams? How much do you know about the other dimensions of the universe? You have to extend your knowledge, you have to go further into yourself, into your own consciousness and search beyond your present comprehension, beyond the physical world and in the other dimensions of life. That is where you will find the answers. You will find the answers when you go further into quantum physics, to quantum fluctuations, where you will find the energy of the spirit world, where you will find scientific proof of life, that life is continuous, that we that have left your physical plane are still alive, and we that come to you are part of your world, even though you cannot see us with your physical eyes.

The living force is part of you and is keeping you strong. It keeps your spirit and your physical flesh together, keeps you alive. This living force has been given to your notion in the scriptures from ancient times where Christ on Mount Hermon in his whiteness, his raiment, showed himself to Thomas, John and Peter, showed that he was draped by a whitish fluid, the living force, that he could exude as a medium from his body, so he could make it possible for Moses and Elijah to materialise. He gave them the living force of the physical flesh to materialise, to drape themselves in the white robes, as it is with this living force that you call Ectoplasm. They went into this living force created by Christ and his friends, his disciples. The living force was drawn from all of them, a fluid that we all have, that causes us to exist, that we have as part of our inner universe and body. When you have reached such spirituality everything is possible, absolutely everything, and the communion with the spirit world will enhance and make possible communication with higher beings that have passed on to the other side of the veil. Some have more of this living force than others that they can exude from their body, and this is similar to the fact that some people have different abilities in life.

This, my friend, can be seen today. It is called materialisation. It is within physical mediumship where you can build the Bridge of Love and meet friends and loved ones as Christ and his friends did. They met Moses and Elijah on Mount Hermon and this form of materialisation has been achieved from ancient times, as you know so very well from your scriptures and thus, we use this as an example. Yes, even today you yourself can experience the creation of God through materialisation of discarnate beings, that are still alive and that once walked upon the earth plane.

This living force, the Ectoplasm, looks like a whitish fluid when it is photographed, and it is normally seen flowing from the mouth, the nose or the ears of the medium like a gauze, and you might see it camouflaging the medium as a whitish drape. When we materialise, we come to you in white robes because that is the usual raiment in the upper spirit world and suitable in our work when we come into the physical world and show ourselves.

The living force is of the universe as we all are. We can, with our thoughts, manipulate this fluid, this living force and create the physical being that we once were. When the medium cannot exude sufficient living force, we can create a vocal organ with less fluid substance so that we can speak with you, so we can have communication on the Bridge of Love.

This living force baffles the scientists of your world, because it is not comprehendible to your physical senses. Materialisation is what you call a miracle from your scriptures, but it is not, it is nature’s law. There are no miracles; everything is nature’s law. When you have the capacity, when you have the spirituality and when you know that God is within yourself, when you have nurtured the seed that your Father gave you at birth, and when you have raised yourself towards his wisdom, towards his love, and become one with him, then everything is possible.

You may say that this is absurd. How can it be? How can this be possible that discarnate beings that do not have a physical body can come back and show themselves? And how can a medium with a circle of friends give such a living force to a discarnate being, for a dead person to stand before you in physical form, to communicate with you, to shake hands, to give you a hug, to come back as a brother, as a father, as a mother, as a child, as a dog, as a cat? Yes, when love prevails, everything is possible,

The scientists of your world will not understand, cannot in their vivid imagination understand, the creation by God. But they have the proof of the Ectoplasm, the living force, because that is something they can photograph, that is something that they, with scientific methods, can look at and have the knowledge of. When they explore the living force, they will see that the elements are the same as what you as a human being are made of. You are made of the elements of the stars, and that is a fact.

On the Bridge of Love, you are given the opportunity by God to have the truth of life, to feel and know that you cannot die. The living force is given to you that seek understanding of what you read, of what is given to you in the scriptures, of what is given to you that you cannot at first comprehend, but as with all the other senses of your being, you will understand that the living force is as natural as you yourself.

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