36. Richness


In this very moment you may ask yourself: “What have I gained in my life?” You feel joy or you feel emptiness, or maybe you are feeling a bit of both. Within yourself you are building up your destiny, you are building it up every day, the treasure that was brought to you in love by your Creator when you saw the daylight of your world, when you opened your eyes to this bright light of this material world. My friend, when you have nourished this love by giving of yourself for the service of your fellow beings, for the service of your world, you are building up this treasure of love, the treasure of the creation that was made by love, which you were made by yourself as a human being. The love that you have within yourself is the richness of your spirit. Lack of love creates emptiness and is your unhappiness, because emptiness is gained by unselfishness, by misdeeds, by misbehaviour that is not of helpfulness, of kindness, of friendliness to your brothers and sisters on earth.

Richness in spirit gives you peace of mind, gives you tranquillity and joy on the earth plane as well as in the world beyond, because it becomes your destiny, it is your heaven within. When you come to the world beyond, you will find yourself in conditions that are transparent to the richness of your spirit, because you attract to yourself the environment and the consciousness of spirits of similar joy and fruitfulness.

When you on earth have selfishness within your mind and you reflect upon this, you will find an empty space within you, because that is what you have created. You have created this when you search for wealth of the material kind, and when you do not share what you have in life. Richness is of God. Richness is everything that you can perceive in Mother Nature, because Mother Nature is of God, made by his consciousness of richness of spirit, richness of love.

When you meet human beings that embrace themselves spiritually, they have the truth and the wisdom of life, they shine upon you with their love, with their joy, for you to find happiness. You see, my friend, people that have climbed the ladder and heightened themselves want you to have the love that they have found within themselves, that they can give you, that they can share with you, whether that is their helpfulness of service or sharing their wealth of the material kind. You see, my friend, they only want to share with you what they have, because they know that what they give, they receive, and they become one with the Creator, when they themselves become love.

And so can you, my friend, when you raise yourself in wisdom, when you raise yourself towards the truth of life and yourself.

God blesses your work when you go forward and do his will, and his will is love, love for all, because the creation was made out of love, and when you bring love to this creation, you fulfil your mission and you fulfil yourself.

On the Bridge of Love, there is richness of spirit, there is wealth of the spiritual kind, there is wealth of love, there is wealth of kindness and friendliness, there is wealth of comfort to the bereaved, wealth of tolerance, wealth of understanding, wealth of forgiveness, wealth of purity, because the love of your Creator is pure, is bright and clear as water. Bless the water that you drink and that water will bring love to your self, that water can heal your self because it is blessed by the Creator, by his love for you, when you turn yourself to him, to his love. The water becomes transparent to your mind when you give love to a fellow being that feels your compassion that feels your unselfishness that feels the comfort you bring. When you know that you consist of 70 80% water yourself, you must know that the water can transform your self when you bring love to your mind that influences the water within. It is the truth of life because water is made of atoms, of molecules, that can be influenced by the mind. You can heal yourself by your mind, by bringing your love to your spiritual self, and thereby your physical self. That is not to say that the medical handicraft of the earth should not be employed. On the contrary the medicines and the medical handicraft are all there, brought to you by your Creator in love, for your wellbeing. That is richness of love.

God created Planet Earth for you to find a happy life, a life were you can find the truth, where you can find peace, where you can find love, the power that created you, the power of the universe, the love from God. Build up the richness within yourself, build your spiritual self in love for your fellow beings, in love for Mother Nature, in love for the creation, in love for your life, the life that has brought you learning, that has given you the challenges and the struggles, that has brought you the spirit within to a higher level, to the truth of love, the heaven within you. Life is a gift from God for you to climb towards his wisdom, towards his love for you all.

Distinguish the fruits that will bring the richness of spirit and the richness of the material kind, and choose your path that will bring you closer to your

Creator, to the consciousness of love, to your destiny, to the light of love in heaven, within yourself.

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