36. One Day


The sunlight reveals nature.
What a wonderful sight,
What a wonderful Creation of love,
The wisdom brought to you for your eyes, for you to comprehend life.

Season follows season, there is winter, spring, summer and autumn.
The seasons of the year give you the knowledge
That there is an eternal cycle, an eternal life.
The seeds are there for the life every year, every season, in the springtime,
For you to harvest after summer, after the warm period of the year.
The autumn gives you the fruit of life, gives you food on the table,
Such wonders that you are given, all there.

The birds sing beautiful tunes for you,
They know about life,
They know about seasons, when to harvest.
They know when time is there for their nestlings,
They know about their cycle in life, their eternal life,
Even the birds know about the truth that is unknown to human beings.

One day, my friend, you will have learned the lesson.
You will learn that season follows season,
That life, a new life, follows death, death on earth.
There is an everlasting cycle of life
Brought alive by the love of the universe,
By God’s love.

One day; one world.
Our world and your world, one world  no death, only life.
Learn from nature, learn from all the love that has been brought alive,
All revelations given to your heart for you to understand life,
For you to understand yourself, the truth of yourself,
The truth of your being.

Your soul is your spirit,
A spirit in human form, another vibration, another frequency.
Your spirit is alive, asleep and in your conscious life
Always present,
Always alive.

One day you will understand life.
That day can be tomorrow when you find the truth on the Bridge of Love,
The communion between our worlds,
The communion with loved ones and friends
That are there, waiting for you in love.

What a wonderful day you can have tomorrow  no need to wait,
Just send your thought of love to your dearest friends and family,
And they will be there with you,
They are alive like you, very much alive.

One day, my friend,
One day the truth is revealed to you, the truth of life itself,
Your life, God’s love for you, for you all.

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